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The International Civil Aviation Organization Public Key Directory (ICAO PKD) is a database maintained by the International Civil Aviation Organization holding national cryptographic keys related to the authentication of e-passport information.

A September 2011 United States Central Intelligence Agency document released by WikiLeaks in December 2014 explains the purpose and scope of the system:

The United Nations became the first non-state participant in October 2012, enabling issuing of e-UNLP, the electronic form of the United Nations laissez-passer.[2]

In December 2014, ICAO reported the PKD as having 45 participants.[3]

In 2015 the German Bundesdruckerei (German Federal Printing Office) won the request for tender of the ICAO to provide the ICAO PKD.[4]

In July 2017, ICAO reported the PKD as having 58 participants.[3]

As of November 2017, 60 participants were part of the ICAO PKD, with the European Union being the 60th member and at the same time the second non-state participant.[3]

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