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Bushra (Bishra) is a town in the governorate of Irbid, Jordan. It rises 560 metres (1,840 ft) above sea level. It is located East of the municipality and town of Irbid 3 km, to the North by the towns of Judgement and Beit Ras (Roman kabitalios), to the South by the town of Hawara and to the East by the town of Sal.


The town is part of Sahel Horan. The red soils of the region are very fertile land for growing grain. The town is on a small hill called Tal - Mehrez, southern valley. The valley of the Alroish ends in the Rahaub Valley, which empties in the Yarmouk River.

Area soils are white gray, and the region contains some caves, some of which are spread around the Grand Mosque, which was demolished after the male secondary school building in 1986. The territory divides into thirteen basins, including Aargom blacks, Doghaim, cave, door, Alborea, fronting, busia, giadp, corsage, broadcloth, Alden, slick and Baydar.


In 1961 the population of Bushra was 1,560 inhabitants; 768 males and 792 females. By 2005, the population had grown to 11,996, in which 6,150 were male and 5,642 were female. More recently in 2011, the population was 45,000 inhabitants with 25,000 female and 20,000 male, mostly in Al-Ababneh, and Al-Jaradat in addition to Al-Hawarneh (Al-Horani), Alqudaa (Al Safafreh), Dawagreh and Awawdeh. Bushra supports a population of minority Christians, Al-Khory, who have roots in the town for more than 130 years.

Volunteer work[edit]

Bushra youth volunteer work - an independent group of his youth from different cultures who have volunteered to serve their town and advancement at all levels and in various fields. Projects include:

  1. Cleaning the streets and sidewalks and the tombs of the town, and planting areas and exploited optimally.
  2. Increase awareness among school and university students and townspeople of the importance of public ownership.
  3. Campaigns and support healthy of rhyme and sports projects in the town.


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Coordinates: 32°33′N 35°54′E / 32.550°N 35.900°E / 32.550; 35.900