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Alternative names Zuckerkuchen
Type Cake
Place of origin Germany
Main ingredients Flour, butter, sugar

Butterkuchen or Zuckerkuchen is a simple German cake baked on a tray.[1] Flakes of butter are distributed on the dough which, after baking, form the characteristic holes.[1] The whole cake is sprinkled with sugar or streusel.[1] After further kneading the Butterkuchen is baked. As a variation the dough can be sprinkled with roasted almond flakes.

Butterkuchen is a favourite element of Westphalian and North German coffee tables. It is also served at wedding and funerals and, as a result, is sometimes called Freud-und-Leid-Kuchen ("joy and sorrow cake") or Beerdigungskuchen ("funeral cake").

A regional variation is to sprinkle the Butterkuchen with a sugar-cinnamon mixture rather than with sugar alone. This is very similar to Moravian Sugar Cake.

In Germany in the trade, at least 30 parts butter, clarified butter or butterfat must be used to 100 parts of flour.

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