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César Charlone Rodríguez (1895 in Montevideo – 1973) was a Uruguayan political figure.


Charlone was prominent member of the Uruguayan Colorado Party during the 1930s.

Vice President of Uruguay[edit]

He was the first Vice President of Uruguay, and served from 1934 to 1938 under President Gabriel Terra, who largely circumvented the constitution and ruled by decree.

Post Vice-Presidency[edit]

Charlone was succeeded as Vice President in 1938 by Alfredo Navarro.

He was Agriculture Minister 1967-1971 in the Government of President of Uruguay Jorge Pacheco Areco.

He died in 1973.

Historical significance[edit]

The controversial nature of his term of office under Gabriel Terra suggests to some observers that he may be regarded as having largely repudiated the political ideals for which the Colorado Party has long stood. Others may recall that Chalone's willingness to identify with Gabriel Terra's rule by decree prefigures the cooperation of leading civilian Colorado party members, such as Juan Maria Bordaberry and Alberto Demicheli, with the civilian-military governments of 1973 to 1985. Indeed, Demicheli was a ministerial colleague of Charlone under the Presidency of Terra. Given the unquestionable extent of support for rule by decree in the Colorado (and, indeed, National) parties from the 1930s onward, it makes it difficult for historians to dismiss the Terra and 1973-1985 administrations as merely "military" dictatorships constituting supposed aberrations from the norm within Uruguayan political culture.

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