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In theoretical computer science, the CAP theorem, also named Brewer's theorem after computer scientist Eric Brewer, states that it is impossible for a distributed computer system to simultaneously provide all three of the following guarantees:[1][2][3]

  • Consistency (all nodes see the same data at the same time)
  • Availability (every request receives a response about whether it succeeded or failed)
  • Partition tolerance (the system continues to operate despite arbitrary partitioning due to network failures)

In 2012 Brewer clarified some of his positions, including why the often-used "two out of three" concept can be misleading or misapplied, and the different definition of consistency used in CAP relative to the one used in ACID.[4]


According to University of California, Berkeley computer scientist Eric Brewer, the theorem first appeared in autumn 1998.[4] It was published as the CAP principle in 1999[5] and presented as a conjecture by Brewer at the 2000 Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC).[6] In 2002, Seth Gilbert and Nancy Lynch of MIT published a formal proof of Brewer's conjecture, rendering it a theorem.[1] This last claim has been criticized, however, this reference does not offer a peer-reviewed formal proof - just an informal assertion on a blog posting.[7]

Brewer’s 2012 article[edit]

CAP Twelve Years Later: How the "Rules" Have Changed

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