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Operário dos Açores
CD Operario.png
Full name Clube Operário Desportivo
Founded 1948
Ground Estádio João Gualberto Borges Arruda
Lagoa, Azores
Capacity 2,500
Chairman Gilberto Branquinho
Head Coach André Branquinho
League Campeonato de Portugal
2015–16 Relegation Group, Serie E, 1st
CD Operário Main Stand

Clube Operário Desportivo (known as CD Operário, Operário dos Açores or just Operário), is a Portuguese football club based in Lagoa in the island of São Miguel in the Azores.[1]


CD Operário currently plays in the Segunda Divisão which is the third tier of Portuguese football. The club was founded in 1948 and they play their home matches at the João Gualberto Borges Arruda in Lagoa. The stadium is able to accommodate 2,500 spectators.[1]

The club is affiliated to Associação de Futebol de Ponta Delgada and has competed in the AF Ponta Delgada Taça. The club has also entered the national cup competition known as Taça de Portugal on many occasions.[1][2]


CD Operário can trace their roots to the adjacent Factory complex.

Clube Operário Desportivo was founded on 2 January 1948 by João do Rego Lopes, the Factory Foreman at Álcool da Lagoa. The Board of the Factory agreed to authorise a Works senior football team. It was at first known as “Fábrica do Álcool” before later becoming “Operário” and for many years was known as “Pica-Ferrugem”.[3]

The closure of two existing clubs in Lagoa, “Os Leões” and “Os Vermelhos”, resulted in an influx of new players to Operário including Fernando Reis (goalkeeper) Jacinto Machado, Nazaré, Raul Brum and António Amaral. The club began to grow and moved out of the Factory to a small house in Rua da Fábrica which was later acquired by the club and is still deployed by the club as their headquarters.[3]

In 1994 the club's Executive Committee, under chairman José Eduardo Martins Mota, undertook a major project to provide new stadium facilities. The project was initiated in 1995 and was completed in 2005. It was undertaken in two phases and has endowed the club with a lasting legacy of excellent facilities.[3]

In terms of success on the pitch the club won their first official competition in the 1968/69 season by winning the AF Ponta Delgada 1ª Divisão championship and the AF Ponta Delgada Taça (District Cup). The following season Operário were the champions of the Azores. The club made significant progress in 1990/91 by again winning the AF Ponta Delgada 1ª Divisão championship and the Azores championship. This time they gained promotion to the Terceira Divisão, national Third Division and in their first season in 1991/92 they competed against mainland teams in Série E, finishing in tenth place. They remained at this level until 1997/98 when they won Série Açores and gained promotion to Segunda Divisão, the national Second Division (third tier). Over the last 14 seasons they have spent all but one in the Segunda Divisão. Their best season was in 2007/08 when they finished second in Série D.[1][3]

The club recognises the hard work of their coaches in the early years including Gualberto and Prof. Jorge Amaral. In later years Operário's coaches have included Armando Fontes, Vítor Simas, Mariano Raposo, António Barata, Jaime Graça, José Luís, António Jesus Pereira, Filipe Moreira, Jorge Portela and Agathon Francisco. Finally the club acknowledges the contribution that key players have made to the history and advancement of the club, including the efforts of Jacinto Machado, Nazaré, Raul de Brum, João Moleiro, Guilherme Fragoso, Eduíno (goalkeeper), Adriano Russo, António Amaral, José Machado, Eleutério, Isaías Medeiros Ponte (goalkeeper), Diogo, Luís Tavares, Adriano Teodoro, João Correia, Viola, Norberto Machado, Eugénio, Capacheira, Laranja, Brinco, Ganeira, Mariano, Tavares, Jorge and Pauleta.[3]

Season to season[edit]

Season Level Division Section Place Movements
1990–91 Tier 5 Distritais AF Ponta Delgada - 1ª Divisão Promoted
1991–92 Tier 4 Terceira Divisão Série E 10th
1992–93 Tier 4 Terceira Divisão Série E 3rd
1993–94 Tier 4 Terceira Divisão Série E 7th
1994–95 Tier 4 Terceira Divisão Série E 10th
1995–96 Tier 4 Terceira Divisão Série Açores 3rd
1996–97 Tier 4 Terceira Divisão Série Açores 6th
1997–98 Tier 4 Terceira Divisão Série Açores 1st Promoted
1998–99 Tier 3 Segunda Divisão Série Sul 12th
1999–2000 Tier 3 Segunda Divisão Série Sul 11th
2000–01 Tier 3 Segunda Divisão Série Sul 8th
2001–02 Tier 3 Segunda Divisão Série Sul 14th
2002–03 Tier 3 Segunda Divisão Série Sul 17th Relegated
2003–04 Tier 4 Terceira Divisão Série Açores 1st Promoted
2004–05 Tier 3 Segunda Divisão Série Sul 6th
2005–06 Tier 3 Segunda Divisão Série D 4th
2006–07 Tier 3 Segunda Divisão Serie D 2nd
2007–08 Tier 3 Segunda Divisão Série D - 1ª Fase 2nd Promotion Group
Tier 3 Segunda Divisão Série D Fase Final 2nd
2008–09 Tier 3 Segunda Divisão Série C - 1ª Fase 5th Promotion Group
Tier 3 Segunda Divisão Série C Fase Final 5th
2009–10 Tier 3 Segunda Divisão Série Centro 11th
2010–11 Tier 3 Segunda Divisão Série Sul 9th
2011–12 Tier 3 Segunda Divisão Série Centro 3rd



Current squad[edit]

As of 7 April 2017

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Brazil GK Rodrigão
2 Portugal DF Hugo Ventosa
3 Brazil DF Weldon
4 Portugal DF Diogo Félix
5 Portugal DF Caloura
7 Portugal MF Patrício Coelho
8 Portugal MF Gonçalo Reyes
9 Guinea-Bissau FW Bata
10 Portugal MF Dani Sousa
15 Portugal DF Chileno
16 Guinea-Bissau MF Abudu
17 Guinea-Bissau FW Mamadu Camará
18 Portugal MF Álvaro Ponte
No. Position Player
19 Portugal FW Fábio Gomes
20 Portugal MF João Brum
21 Portugal DF João Jesus
22 Portugal DF Paulo Renato
23 Brazil FW Marlon Costa
24 Portugal GK Hugo Viveiros
25 Portugal DF Jorginho
70 Portugal GK João Botelho
88 Portugal MF Ruizinho
Portugal GK Nuno Silva
Brazil DF Igor Cartaxo
Portugal MF Pedro Dias
Guinea-Bissau FW Hélder Banjaqui


Notable players[edit]

Notable managers[edit]


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