CGS Noakhali

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Name: BNS Noakhali
Builder: Dockyard and Engineering Works Limited
Commissioned: 1 July 1972
Decommissioned: 1995
Identification: Pennant number: P 112
Fate: Transferred to Bangladesh Coast Guard
Bangladesh Coast Guard
Name: CGS Noakhali
Commissioned: 1995
Identification: Pennant number: P 112
Status: Active
General characteristics
Class and type: Pabna Class
Displacement: 69 tons
Length: 22.9 m (75 ft)
Beam: 6.1 ft (6.1 ft)
Draught: 1.9 m (6.2 ft)
  • 2 Cummins diesel engine
  • 2 shafts
Complement: 33 personnel
Armament: 1 x Bofors 40 mm gun

CGS Noakhali is a Pabna Class riverine patrol crafts of Bangladesh Coast Guard.


The ship was built at Dockyard and Engineering Works Limited. She was commissioned to Bangladesh Navy as BNS Noakhali on 1 July 1972. Later on, in 1995, after the emergence of Bangladesh Coast Guard, the ships were transferred to them. In 1995, she was commissioned to Bangladesh Coast Guard as CGS Noakhali.


The ship is 22.9 metres (75 ft) in length, 6.1 feet (6.1 ft) in breadth and 1.9 metres (6.2 ft) in drought. She has a displacement of 69 tons and a complement of 33 personnel. The ship carries one Bofors 40 mm gun of 60 cal. as armament. This patrol craft can be used for coastal patrolling also besides riverine patrolling.[1]

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