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Patrol boat

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Fateh, a Diciotti-class offshore patrol vessel in service with the Iraqi Navy

A patrol boat (also referred to as a patrol craft, patrol ship, or patrol vessel) is a relatively small naval vessel generally designed for coastal defence, border security, or law enforcement. There are many designs for patrol boats, and they generally range in size. They may be operated by a nation's navy, coast guard, police, or customs, and may be intended for marine ("blue water"), estuarine ("green water"), or river ("brown water") environments.

Per their name, patrol boats are primarily used to patrol a country's exclusive economic zone (EEZ), but they may also be used in other roles, such as anti-smuggling, anti-piracy, fishery patrols, immigration law enforcement, or search and rescue. Depending on the size, organization, and capabilities of a nation's armed forces, the importance of patrol boats may range from minor support vessels that are part of a coast guard, to flagships that make up a majority of a navy's fleet. Their small size and relatively low cost make them one of the most common naval vessels in the world.


Kawachi, a patrol boat in service with the Osaka Prefectural Police

The classification of a patrol boat is often subjective, but they are generally small naval vessels that are used to patrol national waters or a certain jurisdiction. They may be as large as a corvette or even a frigate, though the term may also be used for vessels as small as a yacht or rigid inflatable boat. They can include fast attack craft, torpedo boats, and missile boats. They may be broadly classified as inshore patrol vessels (IPVs) or offshore patrol vessels (OPVs). OPVs and medium size cutters are usually the smallest ship in a navy's fleet that are large and seaworthy enough to patrol off-shore in the open ocean, while IPVs are typically too small to do so and are instead kept in lakes or rivers, or close to coasts; IPVs specifically used in rivers can also be called "riverine patrol vessels". Large patrol vessels, Heavy patrol vessels and Large cutters are the largest type of patrol ships and are typically more than 100 m (330 ft) in length.

Seagoing patrol boats are typically around 30 m (100 ft) in length and usually carry a single medium caliber artillery gun as main armament, and a variety of lighter secondary armament such as machine guns, while others include the sophisticated close-in weapon system. Depending on their role, vessels in this class may also have more sophisticated sensors and fire control systems that would enable them to carry torpedoes, anti-ship missiles, and surface-to-air missiles.[1]


PCE-872, a World War II patrol craft escort of the U.S. Navy

During both World Wars, in order to rapidly build up numbers, all sides created auxiliary patrol boats by arming motorboats and seagoing fishing trawlers with machine guns and obsolete naval weapons. Some modern patrol vessels are still based on fishing and leisure boats.

The United States Navy operated the Pegasus class of armed hydrofoils for years in a patrol boat role. During the Vietnam War, the U.S. Navy ordered 193 aluminum hulled Patrol Craft, Fast (PCFs),[2] also known as Swiftboats, for brown water naval operations. The Patrol Boat, River (PBR, sometimes called "Riverine" and "Pibber") was a fiberglass hulled vessel also designed and used for inland river operations during the Vietnam War, and became an icon of water operations during the war due to its use in the 1979 film Apocalypse Now.

Most modern designs are powered by gas turbine arrangements such as CODAG, and speeds are generally in the 25–30 knots (46–56 km/h; 29–35 mph) range. The largest OPVs might also have a flight deck and helicopter embarked. In times of crisis or war, these vessels are expected to support the larger vessels in a navy, though some smaller navies are mostly composed of just patrol boats.

Specific nations[edit]


Iliria, an example of a modern patrol boat of the Albanian Naval Force

Albanian Naval Force[edit]


Algerian National Navy[edit]


Argentine Naval Prefecture's GC67 patrol vessel

Argentine Naval Prefecture[edit]

Argentine Navy[edit]


Royal Australian Navy[edit]

HMAS Armidale of the Royal Australian Navy

Australian Border Force Marine Unit[edit]



Royal Bahamas Defence Force[edit]


Royal Bahrain Naval Force[edit]

35m Fast Patrol Vessels- USA -built by Swiftships, Commissioned in 2021 [3]


The Bangladesh Navy classified its medium size patrol ships as large patrol craft (LPC) which are armed with either anti-ship missiles or torpedoes. Those ships typically have heavier armaments but less range than OPVs.[4][5]

Bangladesh Navy[edit]

Large patrol craft
Offshore patrol vessel
Inshore patrol vessel
ASW patrol boat
Patrol gunboat

Bangladesh Coast Guard[edit]

Leader-class OPVs of Bangladesh Coast Guard
Offshore patrol vessel
Inshore patrol vessel
Fast patrol vessel
Coastal patrol vessel
Riverine patrol craft

Border Guard Bangladesh[edit]

Patrol vessel


Barbados Coast Guard[edit]


  • Castor (in Dutch) (2014–present)
  • Pollux (in Dutch) (2015–present)



  • Darussalam-class offshore patrol vessel
  • Ijtihad-class patrol vessel
  • KH 27-class patrol boat
  • FDB 512-class patrol boat
  • Bendaharu-class patrol vessel
  • Perwira-class patrol vessel
  • Saleha-class patrol vessel
  • Pahlawan-class patrol vessel



Royal Canadian Navy[edit]

Canadian Coast Guard[edit]

Cape Verde[edit]

Cape Verdean Coast Guard[edit]


Chilean Navy[edit]

Cabo Odger (OPV-84), a OPV-80-class offshore patrol vessel of the Chilean Navy

China (PRC)[edit]

People's Liberation Army Navy[edit]

China Coast Guard[edit]


ARC Juan Ricardo Oyola Vera, a PAV-IV-class patrol boat of the Colombian National Navy

Colombian Navy[edit]

  • Diligente-class patrol boat
  • Nodriza-class patrol boat
  • PAF-I-class patrol boat
  • PAF-II-class patrol boat
  • PAF-III-class patrol boat
  • PAF-IV-class patrol boat
  • Patrullera Fluvial Ligera-class patrol boat
  • Riohacha-class gunboat
  • Fassmer-80 class – built in Colombia by COTECMAR



HDMS Støren (P555), a Flyvefisken-class patrol vessel with the Royal Danish Navy

Royal Danish Navy[edit]


Ecuadorian Navy[edit]


Egyptian Navy[edit]

  • 35m Fast Patrol Vessels- USA -built by Swiftships


Eritrean Navy[edit]



Kurki (51), a Kiisla-class patrol boat with the Finnish Navy

Finnish Navy[edit]

Finnish Border Guard[edit]


Maritime Gendarmerie Vedette class patrol boat

French Navy[edit]

Maritime Gendarmerie[edit]

  • Trident-class patrol boat
  • Géranium-class patrol boat
  • Jonquille-class patrol boat
  • Vedette-class patrol boat
  • Pétulante-class patrol craft
  • Pavois-class patrol craft


New Bundespolizei offshore patrol vessel BP 81 Potsdam


Hellenic Navy HSY-56A gunboat HS Aittitos

Hellenic Navy[edit]

Hellenic Coast Guard[edit]

  • Sa'ar 4 class[13] – acting as offshore patrol vessels (OPV)
  • Stan Patrol 5509 OPV
  • Vosper Europatrol 250 Mk1 OPV
  • Abeking & Rasmussen patrol vessels – class Dilos
  • POB-24G patrol vessels – class Faiakas
  • CB90-HCG
  • Lambro 57 and derivatives – all being boats for coastal patrols


Honduran Navy[edit]

Hong Kong (SARPRC)[edit]

Sea Panther (PL 3), a Sea Panther-class large command boat with the Hong Kong Police Marine Unit

Hong Kong Police Force[edit]


Icelandic Coast Guard[edit]


The Indian Coast Guard's offshore patrol vessel ICGS Samarth at sea.
INS Sunayna (P57) returns to Kochi post an 80-day anti piracy patrol in the Gulf of Aden

Indian Navy[edit]

Indian Coast Guard[edit]


KN Tanjung Datu (1101) of the Indonesian Maritime Security Agency
  • FPB 28, Indonesian Police and Indonesian Customs, 28 meter long patrol boat made by local shipyard PT PAL.
  • FPB 38, Indonesian Customs, 38 meter long aluminium patrol boat made by local shipyard PT PAL.
  • FPB 57, Indonesian Navy, 57 meter long patrol boat designed by Lurssen and made by PT PAL, ASM and heli deck equipped for some version.
  • PC-40, Indonesian Navy, 40 meter long FRP/Aluminum patrol boat, locally made by in house Navy's workshop.
  • PC-60 trimaran, Indonesian Navy, 63-meter-long composite material, is armed with 120 km range of anti-ship missile, made by PT Lundin industry
  • OPV 80 - 80 meter long, designed by Terafulk and made by PT Citra Shipyard
  • OPV 110 (Tanjung Datu-class) - 110 meter long, made by PT Palindo Marine Shipyard


Iraqi Navy[edit]

35m Fast Patrol Vessels- USA -built by Swiftships, during the period 2010 - 2014 [14]


List of Irish Naval Service vessels;[15]


Slovenian Navy HPL-21, an example of the Israeli-made Super Dvora Mk II-class patrol boat also in service with the Israeli Navy


Italian Navy Comandanti-class Cigala Fulgosi
Italian Coast Guard patrol boat U. Diciotti, CP-902


JDF Coast Guard[edit]


Shikishima (Japan Coast Guard), the 2nd largest patrol boat in the world
Japan Coast Guard Hida



  • Kedah class offshore patrol vessel, (Royal Malaysian Navy)
  • Keris-class littoral mission ship,(Royal Malaysian Navy)
  • Gagah Class Ship, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Ramunia Class Ship, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Nusa Class Ship, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Sipadan Class Ship, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Rhu Class Ship, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Pengawal Class Ship, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Peninjau Class Ship, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Pelindung Class Ship, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Semilang Class Ship, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Penggalang Class Ship, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Penyelamat Class Ship, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Pengaman Class Ship, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Kilat Class Ship, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Malawali Class Ship, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Langkawi Class Patrol Ship, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency


Protector class patrol boat P52 of the Maritime Squadron of the Armed Forces of Malta.


ARM Oaxaca, lead boat of the Oaxaca-class.
Durango-class offshore patrol vessels in formation.

Mexican Navy[edit]


Kotor class frigate of the Montenegrin Navy


Royal Moroccan NavyOPV-70



Royal Netherlands Navy[edit]

HNLMS Holland (P840) from Holland Class of the Dutch Navy

Netherlands Coastguard[edit]

Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard[edit]

New Zealand[edit]


Nicaraguan Navy[edit]


Royal Norwegian Navy[edit]

Norwegian Coast Guard[edit]

NoCGV Tor (W334 KYSTVAKT) from Nornen Class of the Norwegian Coast Guard



Philippine Navy[edit]

Jacinto-class patrol vessel BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37), Philippine Navy
Gregorio del Pilar-class surveillance-frigate BRP Goryo (PS-15), Philippine Navy

Philippine Coast Guard[edit]

Ilocos Norte-class patrol boat, Philippine Coast Guard
Parola-class patrol vessel, Philippine Coast Guard
San Juan-class patrol vessel, Philippine Coast Guard
Gabriela Silang-class offshore patrol vessel, Philippine Coast Guard


NRP Viana do Castelo, offshore patrol vessel of the Portuguese Navy

Portuguese Navy[edit]

Maritime Police[edit]

  • Bolina-class
  • Levante-class
  • Tufão-class
  • Calmaria-class

National Republican Guard[edit]

  • Bojador-class
  • Ribamar-class
  • Zodíaco-class
  • Mar Creta-class


Qatari Emiri Navy[edit]

Qatari Ministry of Interior[edit]

  • ARES 75
  • ARES 110
  • ARES 150



Russian Coast Guard Rubin class patrol boat Zhemchug on the Almaz Shipbuilding Company


Fouladou, OPV 190 from Senegalese navy
  • Fouladou (OPV 190), Senegalese Navy
  • Kedougou (OPV 45), Senegalese Navy
  • Ferlo (RPB 33), Senegalese Navy
  • Conejera (Class Conejera P 31), Senegalese Navy
  • Fouta (Osprey 55), Senegalese Navy
  • Njambuur (PR 72), Senegalese Navy


Police Coast Guard third generation PT Class Flower Ray(PT65),conducting a sea-rescue demonstration


South Africa[edit]

An Israeli Sa'ar 4-class missile boat, called the Warrior-class strike craft in the South African Navy

South Korea (ROK)[edit]


Meteoro (P-41)

Sri Lanka[edit]



HSwMS Stockholm (PC-11), a Stockholm-class corvette with the Royal Swedish Navy
  • Hugin-class (based on the Norwegian Storm-class, decommissioned) – 16 ships
  • Kaparen-class (Hugin-class modified with better subhunting capacity, decommissioned) – 8 ships
  • Stockholm-class (commissioned as corvettes, later converted to patrol boats) – 2 ships
  • HMS Carlskrona (commissioned as minelayer, later converted to ocean patrol vessel)

Additionally, the Royal Swedish Navy also operates smaller types of patrol boats (Swedish: bevakningsbåt = "guard boat"):

The Swedish Coast Guard operate an additional 22 patrol vessels for maritime surveillance.

Taiwan (Republic of China)[edit]

Republic of China Navy[edit]

Coast Guard Administration[edit]


Trinidad and Tobago[edit]

Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard[edit]


Turkish TCG Karabiga (P-1205), one of the Tuzla-class patrol boats

Turkish Naval Forces[edit]

Coast Guard Command[edit]

  • KAAN 15 class
  • KAAN 19 class
  • KAAN 29 class
  • KAAN 33 class
  • SAR 33 class
  • SAR 35 class
  • 80 class
  • Corvette

United Kingdom[edit]

Two River class offshore patrol vessels of the Royal Navy

United States[edit]

United States Navy[edit]

USS Firebolt (PC-10), a United States Navy Cyclone-class patrol ship

United States Coast Guard[edit]


Naiguatá during sea trials


  • Type TT-120 patrol boat, Vietnam Coast Guard
  • Type TT-200 patrol boat, Vietnam Coast Guard
  • Type TT-400 patrol boat, Vietnam Coast Guard
  • DN 2000(Damen 9014 class) offshore patrol vessels, Vietnam Coast Guard


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