Caddy Lake

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Caddy Lake
Location Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba
Coordinates 49°48′48″N 95°12′34″W / 49.81333°N 95.20944°W / 49.81333; -95.20944Coordinates: 49°48′48″N 95°12′34″W / 49.81333°N 95.20944°W / 49.81333; -95.20944
Basin countries Canada
Islands 2

Caddy Lake is a lake in Manitoba, Canada. It is near the eastern border of Manitoba (the Manitoba–Ontario border). It is in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

The lake has two islands and two campgrounds. The campgrounds are called Caddy Lake Campground and Green Bay Resort and Campground [1]. It is not a very large lake but is connected to South Cross Lake then North Cross Lake and then Sailing Lake by a series of rock tunnels. Caddy Lake Girl Guide Camp is also located on the lake. It is located near West Hawk Lake and Falcon Lake. Fishing is a popular sport on the lake.