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Caitlin Greer
Years active1999-present

Caitlin Greer (born 20th century) is an American actress and voice-over artist. Her voice was used in Rockstar Games' Bully as Beatrice Trudeau. She is the narrator of The New York Times-bestselling Hush, Hush novel by Becca Fitzpatrick. She has narrated many other books, but Hush, Hush, is her most known work.[1]


She has appeared in American Dreams, Saturday Night Live, Trackers, and on MTV.[2]

Video games[edit]

Greer voiced and provided the motion capture performance for the character Beatrice Trudeau in Rockstar Games' Bully (2006).[3]

She voiced characters for other video games including Sword of the New World: Granado Espada (2007) and Grand Theft Auto IV (2008).[4]

Greer is an IGN award-winner and two-time nominee for Best Voice Acting: Game Ensemble (2008).[5][6]

List of her narrated books[edit]


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