Caitlin Plays Herself

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Caitlin Plays Herself
Directed byJoe Swanberg
Produced byJoe Swanberg
Written by
  • Caitlin Stainken
  • Joe Swanberg
  • Caitlin Stainken
  • Joe Swanberg
Music byKeith Ruggiero
Edited byJoe Swanberg
Swanberry Productions
Release date
  • July 18, 2011 (2011-07-18) (NHFF)
Running time
69 minutes
CountryUnited States

Caitlin Plays Herself is a 2011 American drama film directed and produced by Joe Swanberg, written by Caitlin Stainken and Swanberg, and starring Stainken and Swanberg. Swanberg and Stainken, a performance artist with the Neo-Futurists, play fictionalized versions of themselves.


Caitlin, a socially-conscious performance artist, encounters difficulties when her boyfriend, Joe, objects to the nudity in her art.


  • Caitlin Stainken as Caitlin
  • Joe Swanberg as Joe
  • Frank V. Ross as Frank
  • Spencer Parsons as Spencer
  • Megan Mercier as Megan
  • Kurt Chiang as Kurt
  • Tim Reid as Tim
  • Adam Wingard


Caitlin Plays Herself premiered at the New Horizons Film Festival in Wrocław, Poland, on July 18, 2011.[1] Its North American premiere was in Brooklyn, New York, on December 2, 2011.[2]


Rotten Tomatoes has cataloged three negative reviews and one positive.[3] Ronnie Scheib of Variety called it "an American Vivre sa vie without the passion, drama or gorgeous imagery".[4] Paul Brunick of The New York Times wrote that Swanberg's biggest talent is his ability to get actresses to strip naked.[5] Nick Pinkerton of The Village Voice wrote, "It is possible that one of Swanberg’s movies is not a complete waste of time, but Caitlin Plays Herself, written in collaboration with its starlet, Caitlin Stainkin, is not the one."[6] Jaime N. Christley of Slant Magazine rated it 3/4 stars and compared it to Tsai Ming-liang's What Time Is It There?.[7]


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