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Calgary Fire Department
Calgary Fire Dept.svg
Agency overview
Established 1885 (Calgary Hook, Ladder and Bucket Corps)
Annual calls ~60,000
Employees 1400 (all staff)
Fire chief Steve Dongworth
Facilities and equipment
Stations 39
Calgary Fire Department

The Calgary Fire Department (CFD) provides fire services for the city of Calgary, Alberta.

The department was created on 25 August 1885 as the Calgary Hook, Ladder and Bucket Corps and a chemical engine was ordered soon after. The first Captain was George Constantine. Prior to the formation of the Corps, wells had been dug throughout the town in 1884 at the recommendation of George Murdoch, Mayor of the Town of Calgary. Prior to 1909, it was a volunteer fire department. In 1909, 40 full-time firefighters were hired.[1] In 1910, it purchased its first motorized fire truck.[2]

As of March 31, 2015, the department has 39 stations and employs over 1,400 personnel in both operational and support roles. Their headquarters is located at 4124 11th Street SE.


Fire Suppression[edit]

The Fire Service uses the term "Chief Officer" to describe individuals who are in a Chief role. These "Chief Officers" are responsible for overseeing management functions as well as supervising fire operations. In the Calgary Fire Department, the Chief Officers are:

  • Fire Chief – (1) oversees the entire Calgary Fire Department (CFD)
  • Deputy Chief – (5) oversee five of the six divisions of the CFD
    • Fire Rescue Services
    • Fire Rescue Support Services
    • Risk Management
    • Capital Development
    • Administration
  • Assistant Deputy Chief – (7) Four are tasked to Fire Rescue Services and the remainder are deployed where needed
  • Battalion Chief – (4) firefighters work on a platoon system. There are four platoons (A, B, C, & D) and each platoon is supervised by a Battalion Chief
  • District Chief – (20) the city is divided into 5 districts (East, West, North, South, & Central). Each district on each platoon is supervised by a District Chief, therefore there are 5 District Chiefs on at any given time (one in each district).

Company officers are in charge of each crew. Company officers include:

  • Fire captain – each fire engine (pumper truck) is supervised by a fire captain on each platoon. As there is an engine in each fire hall, the captain is in charge of the fire hall as well.
  • Fire lieutenant – every other fire apparatus is supervised by a lieutenant. These include: aerial trucks, rescue trucks, hazmat trucks, etc. Every hall has an engine, but only select halls have other apparatus, such as these.

Firefighters are the main work force of the fire department. They include:

  • Senior Firefighter – one on each Fire Engine (pumper truck)
  • Firefighter – drive the trucks and ride in the back
  • Probationary Firefighter – placed on Fire Engines as needed, ride in the back with the Senior Firefighter

Support Staff[edit]

The Fire Department also relies on numerous Support Staff to fill various roles. Uniformed local 255 support staff members are firefighters who have moved into a different role with the Department. The Fire Marshal oversees the inspectors and investigators within the division of Risk Management. Each Support Section is also run by a Coordinator. These include:

  • Hazardous Material Coordinator
  • Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Recruitment Coordinator
  • Fire Inspections Coordinator
  • Wellness & Fitness Coordinator
  • Health and Safety Coordinator
  • Community Safety Coordinator

Many Support Sections also have Staff Support Officers. These include:

  • Hazardous Material Officers
  • Emergency Management Officers
  • Recruitment Officers
  • Wellness & Fitness Officers
  • Health and Safety Officers
  • Community Safety Officers
  • Fire Inspector II
  • Technical Services Officers
  • Public Information Officers
  • Shift Investigator
  • Training Officers
  • Arson Investigator
  • Fire Inspector I

The Fire Department also employs many other non-uniformed staff in numerous roles.

Rank Insignia[edit]

Fire Suppression Staff[edit]

Fire Chief Deputy Chief Assistant Deputy Chief Battalion Chief District Chief Fire Captain Fire Lieutenant Senior Firefighter Firefighter Probationary Firefighter
Rank Epaulettes
CFD Fire Chief.png
CFD Deputy Chief.png
CFD Assistant Deputy Chief.png
CFD Battalion Chief.png
CFD District Chief.png
CFD Fire Captain.png
CFD Fire Lieutenant.png
No Insignia No Insignia Blue Striped Epaulettes

Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic[edit]

If a Firefighter, Company Officer, or Chief Officer is also qualified as an EMT-A or Paramedic, they wear the Star of Life insignia on their fire helmet.

Support Staff[edit]

Fire Marshal Support Staff Coordinators Support Staff Officers Fire Inspector I / Arson Investigator
Rank Epaulettes
CFD Battalion Chief.png
CFD District Chief.png
Division Name Embroidered Below Stripes (ex: Training, Community Safety, etc.)
CFD Fire Captain.png
Division Name Embroidered Below Stripes (ex: Training, Community Safety, etc.)
CFD Fire Lieutenant.png
"Fire Codes Officer" or "Investigator" Embroidered Below Stripe
Notes Head of the Fire Investigations and Inspections Health and Safety Coordinator / Fire Inspections Coordinator / Hazardous Materials Coordinator / Emergency Management Coordinator / Community Services Coordinator / Wellness and Fitness Coordinator / Recruitment Coordinator Training Officer / Health and Safety Officer / Hazardous Materials Officer / Emergency Management Officer / Public Information Officer / Community Safety Officer / Technical Services Officer / Fire Inspector II / Shift Investigator

Helmet Colours[edit]

Fire Suppression Staff Helmet Colour
Chief Officers
  • Fire Chief
  • Deputy Chief
  • Assistant Deputy Chief
  • Battalion Chief
  • District Chief
Company Officers
  • Fire Captain
  • Fire Lieutenant
  • Senior Firefighter
  • Firefighter
  • Probationary Firefighter
Support Staff
Fire Marshal
Support Staff Coordinators
  • Hazardous Materials Coordinator
  • Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Health and Safety Coordinator
  • Wellness & Fitness Coordinator
  • Recruitment Coordinator
Training Officer

Fire Inspector II & Fire Inspector I

Shift Investigator

Support Staff Officers
  • Health and Safety Officer
  • Hazardous Materials Officer
  • Disaster Services Officer
  • Public Information Officer
  • Community Safety Officer
Fire Cadet

Fire Stations[edit]

There are 39 fire stations in Calgary, operating 24 hours a day.[3]

Downtown Fire Station 1[edit]

  • 450 1 Street S.E.

Beltline Fire Station 2[edit]

  • 1010 10 Avenue S.W.

Vista Heights Fire Station 4[edit]

  • 1991 18 Avenue N.E.

South Calgary Fire Station 5[edit]

  • 3129 14 Street S.W.

Eau Claire Fire Station 6[edit]

  • 360 8 Street S.W.

Fire Station 7[edit]

  • 430 36 Avenue N.E.

Rosscarrock Fire Station 8[edit]

  • 1720 45 Street S.W.

Ogden Fire Station 9[edit]

  • 2515 78 Avenue S.E.

Briar Hill Fire Station 10[edit]

  • 1909 16 Avenue N.W.

Windsor Park Fire Station 11[edit]

  • 5506 4 Street S.W.

Forest Heights Fire Station 12[edit]

  • 123 44 Street S.E.

Airport Fire Station 13[edit]

  • 2021 78 Avenue N.E.

Haysboro Fire Station 14[edit]

  • 9840 Horton Road S.W.

Bowness Fire Station 15[edit]

  • 6328 35 Avenue N.W.

Highfield Fire Station 16[edit]

  • 4124 11 Street S.E.

Varsity Fire Station 17[edit]

  • 3740 32 Avenue N.W.

Huntington Hills Fire Station 18[edit]

  • 415 68 Avenue N.W.

Parkland Fire Station 19[edit]

  • 13807 Parkland Boulevard S.E.

Lincoln Park Fire Station 20[edit]

  • 2800 Peacekeepers Way S.W.

Silver Springs Fire Station 21[edit]

  • 209 Silvergrove Drive N.W.

Temple Fire Station 22[edit]

  • 7199 Temple Drive N.E.

Southview Fire Station 23[edit]

  • 2727 26 Avenue S.E.

Cedarbrae Fire Station 24[edit]

  • 2607 106 Avenue S.W.

Foothills Fire Station 25[edit]

  • 4705 76 Avenue S.E.

Midnapore Fire Station 26[edit]

  • 450 Midpark Way S.E.

Edgemont Fire Station 28[edit]

  • 7925 Edgemont Boulevard N.W.

Coach Hill Fire Station 29[edit]

  • 7027 Coach Hill Road S.W.

McKenzie Town Fire Station 30[edit]

  • 6 McKenzie Towne Gate S.E.

Country Hills 31[edit]

  • 11955 Country Village Link N.E.

Saddle Ridge Fire Station 32[edit]

  • 800 Saddletowne Circle N.E.

Signal Hill Fire Station 33[edit]

  • 3800 69 Street S.W.

Royal Vista Fire Station 34[edit]

  • 16 Royal Vista Way N.W.

Valley Ridge Fire Station 35[edit]

  • 11280 Valley Ridge Boulevard N.W.

Hidden Valley Fire Station 36[edit]

  • 10071 Hidden Valley Drive N.W.

Evergreen Fire Station 37[edit]

  • 2511 Eversyde Avenue S.W.

Skyview Ranch Fire Station 38[edit]

  • 3 Skyview Springs Cove N.E.

Douglas Glen Fire Station 39[edit]

  • 4199 114 Ave S.E.

Symons Valley Fire Station 40[edit]

  • 12920 Symons Valley Road N.W.

Seton Fire Station 41[edit]

  • 3790 Seton Drive S.E.


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