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Calgary North East Provincial Electoral District was a historical riding covering the north east portion of Calgary. The riding was very short lived, only existing in the election of 1959. In 1963 it became Calgary East.

1959 Redistribution[edit]

The historic 1959 redistribution of the provincial ridings of Calgary and Edmonton marked the transition back to First Past the Post. From 1921 to 1959 Calgary and Edmonton, along with a few other ridings in the province elected members with Single Transferable Vote. The redistribution created seven ridings in Calgary, two of those still exist today.

This transition was done in part to standardize the electoral system across the province and because Calgary and Edmonton were becoming too large to be a single riding.

The other six ridings were Calgary Bowness, Calgary West, Calgary Glenmore, Calgary Centre, Calgary South East, Calgary North.

Election Results 1959[edit]

1959 Results Turnout 54.56%
Affiliation Candidate Votes %
  Social Credit Albert Ludwig 5,945 64.24%
  Progressive Conservative Melvin Stronach 1,829 19.76%
  Liberal E. Kitch Elton 1,060 11.46%
     Cooperative Commonwealth Jack Hampson 420 24.30%
Total 9,254 100%

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