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Călin Georgescu (born 26 March 1962 in Bucharest) is a Romanian expert on sustainable development and strategic planning. He was appointed UNHRC Special Rapporteur on toxic waste dumping in 2010. This is the first thematic mandate going to Romania since UNHRC was set up, in 2006.[1]

In his capacity as Executive Manager of the National Centre for Sustainable Development (NCSD),[2] he was assigned by the Romanian Government to coordinate the preparation of two consecutive versions of the National Sustainable Development Strategy[3] (in 1999[4] and 2008[5]).


Călin Georgescu is a graduate of the Land Reclamation College, Nicolae Bălcescu Institute of Agronomy, Bucharest (1986) and obtained his PhD in soil science (1999). He attended a training programme in the United Kingdom on environmental policies, development strategies and management of national parks on a scholarship offered by British Government (1993–1994). He is also an alumnus of the National Defence College, Carol I National Defence University, Bucharest (2007). He is fluent in English, French and Spanish.


Between 1996 and 2008, he was Project Manager for the implementation of Local Agenda 21[6] under the United Nations Development Programme covering more than 40 local authorities in Romania. From 2000 to 2013 Călin Georgescu was Executive Manager of the National Centre for Sustainable Development (NCSD), an independent non-governmental organization and leading consultancy on public policies concerning environmental matters.

He initiated a project aimed at promoting professional excellence, which resulted in extensive public debates and the publication of three collections of analytical essays: Back to Basics: Reshaping Professional Worth in Romania (2008),[7] A Chance for Romania: Betting on People (2009),[8] and Romania after the Crisis (2010).[9] Those three reports were published by the Institute for Innovation and Development Projects (IPID)[10] and were launched in cooperation with the Romanian Academy. Călin Georgescu is a founding member and Executive Director of the IPID, which was established in 2006 and includes prominent figures of the Romanian scientific and academic communities, and the civil society.

As a follow-up to that project, Călin Georgescu established, in 2009, together with leading representatives of the business associations, trade unions, academic community and the civil society, the Alliance of Professionals for Progress (APP),[11] an informal structure that, according to its Manifesto[12] released on 14 June 2009, undertook the mission ”to promote the shaping of precise strategic objectives for the short, medium and long term and to mobilize the real competences that exist in Romania”. The Alliance organized, in cooperation with the Romanian Academy, two public debates on ”Reform of the State” (14 October 2009),[13] which endorsed an Open Letter to the Government of Romania,[14] and on ”Socially Responsible Development” (12 November 2009).[15]

From 1993 to 1996, Călin Georgescu was President of the non-government organization ”Asociația Tinerilor Ecologiști din România” [Young Ecologists Association of Romania].

Earlier in his professional career, he was employed as an agronomist at the National Research and Development Institute for Land Melioration, Bucharest[16](1990–1991), and in the Făgăraş area (1986–1990).

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  • 'Baia Mare – Radiografia cancerului ascuns' [Baia Mare: X-Ray of Hidden Cancer], documentary film on environment protection, Script, Bucharest, 1994.

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