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Callinicus or Kallinikos (Greek: Καλλίνικος) is a surname or male given name; the feminine form is Kalliniki, Callinice or Callinica (Greek: Καλλινίκη). It is of Greek origin, meaning "beautiful victor".

People named Callinicus[edit]

Seleucid rulers[edit]

Kingdom of Commagene[edit]

Christian figures[edit]

Other historical figures[edit]

Modern individuals[edit]

  • Jannis Kallinikos (b. 1954), organization theorist at the London School of Economics
  • Alex Callinicos (b. 1950), political theorist at King's College London and trotskyist leader


  • Callinicum, a city founded by Seleucus II Callinicus, now modern Raqqa, Syria