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Camille Khoury (Arabic: كميل خوري, born 1961) born in Lebanon is the Free Patriotic Movement representative in the Matn riding near Beirut, Lebanon. In August, 2007, Khoury was elected in Matn over former Lebanese president Amine Gemayel by a slim margin of 418 votes. The official tally was 39,534 against 39,116 for Gemayel. The seat was vacated since the murder of Pierre Amine Gemayel who was killed in a vicious attack in Lebanon earlier that year.

According to a pro-government website,[1] Khoury's victory was attributed to the support from 70% of Armenians voters, 97% of Shi'a voters, and 10% of Sunni voters. Former President Amine Gemayel won 21% of the Maronite Christian vote.[2][3]

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