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Can (Turkish: [dʒan]) is a common Turkish, Azerbaijani and Circassian given name and surname, meaning spirit, life, soul or heart. Turkish and Azerbaijani use is derived from the Persian word Jan (Persian: جان) and Circassian use is derived from Circassian word Janberk. In Turkish, the name Can is pronounced similarly to the common English name John. Džan Is a variant in use in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Given name[edit]

Chinese and Vietnamese[edit]

  • Huy Cận (1919–2005), Vietnamese poet
  • Kun Can (1612 – after 1674), Chinese painter
  • Liu Can (died 318), emperor of the Chinese/Xiongnu state Han Zhao
  • Liu Can (Tang Dynasty) (died 906), official of the Chinese Tang Dynasty
  • Ngô Đình Cẩn (1911–64), member of South Vietnam's Diệm government
  • Nguyễn Bá Cẩn (1930–2009), former Prime Minister of South Vietnam
  • Trịnh Căn (1633–1709), Vietnamese ruler
  • Wang Can (177–217), politician, scholar and poet during Chinese Han Dynasty
  • Wu Can (died 245), official of Eastern Wu during the Chinese Three Kingdoms period
  • Yuan Can (420–477), high-level official of the Chinese dynasty Liu Song
  • Zhou Can (born 1979), Chinese long jumper
  • Zhu Can (died 621), rebel leader during the Chinese Sui Dynasty



  • Joacim Cans (born 1970), member of the Swedish band HammerFall