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The Canadian independent music scene has been active for some decades, with significant growth occurring in the mid-1970s.[1] The industry is largely split along the language divide, for example SOPROQ is a collective that focuses mainly on the French-speaking domestic sector and some international artists, whereas the Canadian Independent Record Production Association (CIRPA) is an industry association composed of English speaking labels, producers and others. Dorland argues that (as of 1996) "the racial and ethnic boundaries" are growing stronger.[2]



Around this time many independent record labels distributed through London Records including Maple Records, Smile Records, Attic Records, Boot Records, Kilmarnock Records,[3] and French language labels including Socite Zoologique du Quebec.[1] Goldfish Records moved from London to A&M.

In 1975 CIRPA was formed to represent the English-speaking independent music industry.


X-records was an independent record label that recorded the Rheostatics first album and other bands like Pig Farm and Nomind.

Toronto, Ont Adam Faux, Corrinne Timmins, Rob (last name unknown)

Dove Entertainment (Toronto) - released Industrial and experimental bands/ music



In 2006 the Independent Digital Licensing Agency (IDLA) was set up by CIPRA and twenty independents with funding form the Ontario government (Ontario Media Development Corporation).[4][5]


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