Canal du Rhône à Sète

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Canal du Rhône à Sète
Franquevaux (30).jpg
The Canal near Franquevaux, in the commune of Beauvoisin.
Length 98 km (61 mi) [1]
Locks 1[1][2]
The Canal in Beaucaire.

The Canal du Rhône à Sète (lit. "canal from the Rhône to Sète") is a canal in southern France, which connects the Étang de Thau in Sète to the Rhône River in Beaucaire, Gard.[1] At the entrance to the Étang de Thau, the canal connects with the Canal du Midi.

The canal is made of previously constructed canals Canal des Ètangs and Canal de Beaucaire.[3]

There is, however, no access to the Rhône at Beaucaire as the lock has been closed for many years. Access is via the lock situated to the west of Saint-Gilles which links the canal to the Petit Rhône and from there northeastwards to the junction with the Grand Rhône at Fourques situated to the north of Arles.

Apart from the lock at Saint-Gilles there is only one other operating lock on the canal between St Gilles and Beaucaire. The canal is almost totally situated at sea-level and the western part from the Vidourle river to the Étang de Thau is a sea-water canal.

In recent years major work has been undertaken to upgrade the canal so it can now be used by 1200t convoys instead of the previous 350t barges. Most notable are a stretch of canal bypassing the town of Aigues-Mortes with its railway swing bridge and a direct canal link to the port of Sète eliminating the passage of lifting and swing bridges in Frontignan and Sète.

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