Candide Preis

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Candide Preis
Awarded for contemporary authors
Date 1995 (1995)
Location originally in Minden
Country Germany, France
Presented by Literarischer Verein Minden, Foundation Genshagen
Villa Gillet (Lyon), Minister of Culture (France)
Official website Official website of the Literary Association Minden(german)

Candide Preis (originally called Stadtschreiber Stipendium, later Candide Preis) is the only one German-French Literary award, named for its French satire Candide (first published in 1759 by Voltaire[1]).[2]
Since 1995 it's prize every year awarded by the Foundation Genshagen, the Literary Association Minden, the Villa Gillet (Lyon) and the Minister of Culture (France) to French and German contemporary authors.

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