Canik Başarı University

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Canik Başarı University
Canik Başarı Üniversitesi
Type Private University
Location Samsun, Turkey
Website [1]

Canik Başarı University is a new [1][2] university in Samsun, Turkey.


It is located in the Canik district of the city. "Başarı" means "success".




Undergraduate: Teaching Turkish, Counseling psychology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Management, International Trade and Management, Building Engineering, Architecture

Masters: MBA, Health Administration, Education Management Planning and Economics


Unlike Samsun's other university, Ondokuz Mayıs University, it is directed by a foundation ("Vakıf" in Turkish).


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Coordinates: 41°13′47″N 36°22′05″E / 41.2298°N 36.3681°E / 41.2298; 36.3681