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According to traditional Chinese uranography, the modern constellation Canis Major is located within the southern quadrant of the sky, which is symbolized as the Vermilion Bird of the South (南方朱雀, Nán Fāng Zhū Què).

The name of the western constellation in modern Chinese is 大犬座 (dà quǎn zuò), meaning "the giant dog constellation".


Four Symbols Mansion (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Asterisms (Chinese name) Romanization Translation Western star name Chinese star name Romanization Translation
Vermilion Bird of the South (南方朱雀) Jǐng Well 軍市 Jūnshì Market for Soldiers
β CMa[1] 軍市一 Jūnshìyī 1st star
ν3 CMa[1] 軍市二 Jūnshìèr 2nd star
15 CMa 軍市三 Jūnshìsān 3rd star
π CMa[1] 軍市四 Jūnshìsì 4th star
ο1 CMa[1] 軍市五 Jūnshìwu 5th star
ξ1 CMa[1] 軍市六 Jūnshìliù 6th star
ν1 CMa 軍市增一 Jūnshìzēngyī 1st additional star
ξ2 CMa 軍市增二 Jūnshìzēngèr 2nd additional star
12 CMa 軍市增三 Jūnshìzēngsān 3rd additional star
ο2 CMa 軍市增五 Jūnshìzēngwǔ 5th additional star
野雞 Yějī Wild Cockerel ν2 CMa[1] 野雞 Yějī (One star of)
[2] Sūn Grandson
ζ CMa 孫增一 Sūnzēngyī 1st additional star
λ CMa 孫增二 Sūnzēngèr 2nd additional star
天狼 Tiānláng Celestial Wolf
α CMa[1]
天狼 Tiānláng (One star of)
狼星 Lángxīng Wolf star
天狼星 Tiānlángxīng Star of Celestial Wolf
賊星 Zéixīng Thief star, the meteor
11 CMa 天狼增一 Tiānlángzēngyī 1st additional star
θ CMa 天狼增二 Tiānlángzēngèr 2nd additional star
μ CMa 天狼增三 Tiānlángzēngsān 3rd additional star
γ CMa[1] 天狼增四 Tiānlángzēngsì 4th additional star
ι CMa 天狼增五 Tiānlángzēngwǔ 5th additional star
弧矢 Húshǐ Bow and Arrow
δ CMa[1]
弧矢一 Húshǐyī 1st star
矢中星 Shǐzhōngxīng Arrow in the center of the star
矢星 Shǐxīng Star of the arrow
天园东北星 Tiānyuándōngběixīng Star in the northeast of Celestial Orchard constellation
η CMa[1]
弧矢二 Húshǐèr 2nd star
矢后星 Shǐhòuxīng Arrow in front of the star
ε CMa[1]
弧矢七 Húshǐqī 7th star
弧矢西第二星 Húshǐxīdìèrxīng Second western star
κ CMa[1] 弧矢八 Húshǐbā 8th star
10 CMa 弧矢增一 Húshǐzēngyī 1st additional star
σ CMa 弧矢增二 Húshǐzēngèr 2nd additional star
ω CMa 弧矢增三 Húshǐzēngsān 3rd additional star
27 CMa 弧矢增四 Húshǐzēngsì 4th additional star
26 CMa 弧矢增五 Húshǐzēngwǔ 5th additional star
τ CMa 弧矢增六 Húshǐzēngliù 6th additional star
UW CMa 弧矢增七 Húshǐzēngqī 7th additional star
FV CMa 弧矢增二十五 Húshǐzēngèrshíwǔ 25th additional star
LZ CMa 弧矢增二十六 Húshǐzēngèrshíliù 26th additional star

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