Cape Sheridan

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Map of Cape Sheridan and the Lincoln Sea.

Cape Sheridan is on the northeastern coast of Ellesmere Island, Canada situated on the Lincoln Sea in the Arctic Ocean, on the mouth of Sheridan River, west bank. It is one of the closest points of land to the geographic North Pole, approx 840 km (520 mi) to the north, Cape Columbia is however some 75 km (47 mi) closer to the Pole.

Cape Sheridan was the wintering site of Robert Peary's final quest to reach the north pole in 1908/1909; the Cape Sheridan Depot being located there.

Alert, the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world, is located 13 km (8.1 mi) to the west.

Coordinates: 82°28′20″N 061°30′45.5″W / 82.47222°N 61.512639°W / 82.47222; -61.512639 (Cape Sheridan)