Cape golden mole

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Chrysochloris asiatica
Chrysochloris asiatica Cape golden mole adult IMG 7120.jpg
Cape golden mole adult, showing the digging claw, absence of external eye and a hint of the iridescence of the fur.
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Afrosoricida
Family: Chrysochloridae
Genus: Chrysochloris
Species: C. asiatica
Binomial name
Chrysochloris asiatica
Linnaeus, 1758
Cape Golden Mole area.png
Cape golden mole range

Chrysochloris auratus (Vosmaer, 1787)
Chrysochloris aurea (Pallas, 1778)
Chrysochloris capensis Lacépède, 1799
Chrysochloris calviniae Shortridge, 1942
Chrysochloris concolor Shortridge & Carter, 1938
Chrysochloris damarensis Ogilby, 1838
Chrysochloris dixoni Broom, 1946
Chrysochloris elegans Broom, 1946
Chrysochloris minor Roberts, 1919
Chrysochloris namaquensis Broom, 1907
Chrysochloris rubra Lacépède, 1799
Chrysochloris shortridgei Broom, 1946
Chrysochloris taylori Broom, 1950
Chrysochloris tenuis Broom, 1907
Chrysochloris visserae Broom, 1950
Chrysochloris asiatica bayoni De Beaux, 1921
Talpa inaurata (Pallas, 1777)

The Cape golden mole (Chrysochloris asiatica) is a small, insectivorous mammal of the family Chrysochloridae, the golden moles. It is native to certain south western regions of South Africa.


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