Capture of Plymouth

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Capture of Plymouth
Part of the American Civil War
USS Tacony rev.jpg
"Capture of Plymouth, N.C. Oct. 1864" by Alexander C. Stuart.
Date October 29–31, 1864
Location Plymouth, North Carolina, Roanoke River, Middle River
Result United States victory
 United States Confederate States of America Confederate States
Commanders and leaders
US Naval Jack 35 stars.svg William H. Macomb
US Naval Jack 35 stars.svg William B. Cushing
9 gunboats
1 torpedo boat
22 artillery pieces
3 shore batteries
Casualties and losses
6 killed
9 wounded
3 gunboats damaged
37 captured
22 artillery pieces captured
3 shore batteries captured

The Capture of Plymouth was a battle of the American Civil War, fought in October 1864. Following the sinking of CSS Albemarle during a commando raid led by Lieutenant William B. Cushing, Union naval forces attacked Plymouth, North Carolina, which was defended by Confederate artillery. After three days of fighting the Confederates retreated from the area, allowing the Union navy to land men and occupy the town.[1]

Order of Battle[edit]

United States Navy:

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