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The C-Files is a forum for people to discuss their UFO experiences and other mysterious sightings.

Cardwell UFO Festival, an annual event in Cardwell, Queensland, is the only UFO festival in Australia.[1][2][3] The event started in 2014 to discuss the unusual sightings and activities in the area, including the Tully Saucer Nests and the Cardwell Lights.[1][4][5][6] The festival also includes entertainment, family fun, markets, food and an alien-themed costume party.[1][7]

In 2017, the Festival was named to the Top 10 Festivals for UFO and Alien Lovers and to Australia’s 7 Most Eyebrow-Raising Festivals.[8][9]


The festival includes the C-Files, a forum for people to discuss their UFO experiences as well as other mysterious sightings including the Min Min lights, rainforest pygmies, hairy men and large black cats.[7][10][11][12] Guest speaker at the 2016 forum was Alec Birmacombe from Queensland UFO Research.[7]


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