Caribbean Gold

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(aka:Caribbean Gold)
Caribbean Gold -- movie poster.jpg
Movie poster
Directed by Edward Ludwig
Produced by William H. Pine
William C. Thomas
Written by Frank L. Moss
Edward Ludwig
Based on Carib Gold
by Ellery Clark
Starring John Payne
Arlene Dahl
Music by Lucien Cailliet
Cinematography Lionel Lindon
Edited by Howard A. Smith
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date
September 1952
Running time
91 minutes
Country USA
Language English

Caribbean Gold is a 1952 American pirate film directed by Edward Ludwig and starring John Payne, Arlene Dahl and Cedric Hardwicke.[1] It is based on the novel Carib Gold by Ellery Clark. It is known by the alternative title Caribbean.

It earned an estimated $1.4 million at the US box office in 1952.[2]

It has played uncut in restored Technicolor on the original incarnation of the American Movie Classics channel in the 1990s.

The cinematography was by Lionel Lindon.


In 1728, Dick Lindsay is taken prisoner by Captain Barclay and incarcerated aboard the Black Panther, his pirate ship. Also on board against his will is Robert MacAllister, nephew of Barclay's nemesis, Andrew MacAllister.

The pirate kidnapped Robert as retribution for MacAllister having long ago done likewise to Barclay's infant daughter, Christine. The feud has continued for more than 20 years. Now the pirate intends to settle it once and for all. He propositions Dick to impersonate Robert and return to his uncle, going so far as to duplicate a distinctive scar on Robert's face.

Dick does as told, hoping to gain his freedom. He is a welcome sight to MacAllister, but others are not quite sure what to make of this newcomer, including Shively, a brutal overseer of the men, and particularly Christine, now a grown woman with a volatile disposition.

Put in charge of the mill, Dick gains the trust of MacAllister's slaves, who are plotting a revolt. The real Robert's dead body washes up, however, so MacAllister now knows he is being deceived. Christine's growing love for Dick is a factor in not having him killed at first, but soon Shively and Dick are engaged in a knife fight to the death.

Captain Barclay and his men await a signal to invade the island. When a stash of explosives is detonated, they storm the isle. MacAllister is killed by Barclay, who is savoring his revenge when Christine gains some of her own, mortally wounding Barclay. She remains unaware that she has just killed her own father, and with his dying words, Barclay implores Dick to keep it a secret.



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