Carlo Emmanuele dal Pozzo, 5th Prince of Cisterna

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Carlo Emanuele dal Pozzo
Prince della Cisterna
Carlo Emanuele dal Pozzo.jpg
Spouse(s) Countess Louise de Merode-Westerloo
Maria Vittoria, Queen of Spain
Beatrice Giuseppa dal Pozzo
Full name
Carlo Emanuele Filippo Giuseppe Alfonso Francesco Maria [1]
Father Giuseppe Alfonso dal Pozzo, 4th Prince della Cisterna
Mother Maria Anna Balbo Bertone
Born (1787-01-07)7 January 1787
Died 26 March 1864(1864-03-26) (aged 77)
Buried Reano

Carlo Emanuele dal Pozzo, 5th Principe della Cisterna (7 January 1787 in Turin – 26 March 1864 in Turin) was a nobleman and politician in the Kingdom of Sardinia. His other titles were 5th Principe di Belriguardo, 6th Marchese di Voghera, 6th Count di Reano, 8th Count di Ponderano, 8th Count di Bonvicino, 6th Count di Neive, 6th Count di Perno, among others.[2]

Life and marriage[edit]

The Prince was a liberal, and he conspired in his youth against King Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia in favour of a constitutional monarchy. This attempt failed, and he was forced into exile in France, whence he continued promoting the Risorgimento. In 1848, he was allowed to return to Italy, and he became a senator of Sardinia.

In Brussels on 28 September 1846, Carlo Emmanuele married Countess Louise de Merode-Westerloo, daughter of Count Werner de Merode (of the princely house of Rubempré) by his wife, Countess Victoire de Spangen d'Uyternesse. The couple had two daughters.

He was made a baron of the French Empire in 1810 and became chamberlain to Camillo Borghese, Prince di Sulmona in the same year.[3]


  1. Maria Vittoria, born in 1846, married Prince Amedeo of Savoy, Duke of Aosta (son of King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy), who reigned as King of Spain from 1870-1873 under the name of Amadeo I. After the death of Carlo Emanuele, Maria Vittoria inherited her father's titles, which passed through her to the Aosta cadet branch of the House of Savoy.
  2. Beatrice Giuseppa Antonia Luisa dal Pozzo (1851-1864).


Italian nobility
Preceded by
Giuseppe Alfonso dal Pozzo
Prince della Cisterna
31 March 1819 – 26 March 1864
Succeeded by
Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo


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