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Carlos Anwandter (1 April 1801, Luckenwalde, Prussia – 10 July 1889 Valdivia, Chile) was a German political exile who emigrated to Valdivia, Chile in 1850 after participating in the Revolutions of 1848. He was born in Luckenwalde (Prussia) on 8 April 1801 and died in Valdivia (Chile) on 10 July 1889).


He migrated to Valdivia in 1850, the leader of the first contingent of German colonists sent by Philippi. In 1851 founded the Anwandter brewery in Isla Teja. Among other things in Valdivia founded the first volunteer fire company "Germania" (1 March 1852), the German Club (1853) and the German School (1858) which now bears his name (German Institute Carlos Anwandter), being its first Director.

Cerveceria Anwandter, Valdivia, Chile, circa 1900

Famous quotes[edit]

As representative of the German immigrants to Chile he swore:

"We will also be such honest and workful Chileans, as only their strongest would be. Lined in the rows of our new fellow countrymen, we will serve our adoptive fatherland against any foreign threat with the same determination and energy as of the same man who defends his fatherland, his family and his interests."[1]


Instituto Alemán Carlos Anwandter, Valdivia's German School, is named after him.

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