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In 1935 Dene Denny and Hazel Watrous[1] founded the Carmel Bach Festival in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. The Festival began as a four-day festival of open rehearsals, events, and concerts conducted by Ernst Bacon and Gastone Usigli.[2][3]

In 1938,[4] Gastone Usigli was named Music Director, leading the Festival until his death in 1956. As his successor Dene Denny chose Hungarian-born conductor Sandor Salgo.[5]

When Salgo retired in 1991, Bruno Weil was named the Music Director and Conductor of the Carmel Bach Festival. Maestro Weil concluded his tenure with the 2010 Festival.[6]

In 2011, the 74th Season welcomed new Music Director Paul Goodwin.


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