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The local platforms.
The intercity platforms.

Carmel Beach Central Bus Station (Hebrew: מֶרְכָּזִית חוֹף הַכַּרְמֵל‎, Merkazit Hof HaKarmel) is the main bus station in Haifa, Israel, replacing the Haifa Bat Galim Central Bus Station. The former station is now only used to store Egged buses and for Egged office space and innercity buses now only stop there on the road rather than inside on the route between Haifa Hof HaCarmel Central Bus Station and the Mifratz Central Bus Station. Carmel Beach Central Bus Station opened in August 19, 2003. Since then, all buses coming from the South which formerly ended at Haifa Bat Galim Central Bus Station terminate at Carmel Beach Central Bus Station and new more frequent lines operate between the three stations. Passengers can get a free transfer to urban buses when they buy their inter-city ticket to continue from one central bus station to the other one, or into the city.

Carmel Beach Central Bus Station serves local Egged bus lines within the city of Haifa and all intercity Egged bus routes heading to the South. The station is also a mall. It has one level and has stores and a food court. At the waiting area for departing buses, there are doors to go outside to the bus platform. At the arrival area, people go inside a door to the building.

Carmel Beach Central Bus Station is adjacent to Haifa Carmel Beach Railway Station. There is a tunnel connecting the bus station with the train station. From the train station, there is a tunnel to the beach.

A list of Egged's intercity bus lines at Carmel Beach CBS:[1]


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