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Carnivores Logo.png
Genres Sports, first-person shooter
Developers Action Forms, Sunstorm Interactive, Tatem Games, Beatshapers
Publishers WizardWorks Software, Infogrames, Tatem Games, Beatshapers
Platforms Microsoft Windows, iOS, PlayStation Portable, Android
First release Carnivores
November 30, 1998
Latest release Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD
September 10, 2013

The Carnivores games are a series of hunting simulation video games featuring prehistoric species ranging from dinosaurs to Quaternary mammals (depending on the title). The first three games were developed for the PC by Action Forms and released by WizardWorks Software between 1998 and 2001. The fourth game, Carnivores Cityscape, was developed by Sunstorm Interactive and released by Infogrames in 2002. The fifth installment, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, is a port of Carnivores 2 to the iOS and Android by Tatem Games and the PSP by Beatshapers, released in 2010. Carnivores Ice Age soon followed and got its own port debuting for iOS, eventually making its way into Android. September 2013 marked the release of yet another game, Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter HD, an HD remake of the series. This new title includes new graphics and new hunting experiences packed with exciting features never seen before. The series has attracted a small cult following.


Title Details

Original release date(s):[1]
  • NA: November 30, 1998
  • PAL: 1998
Release years by system:
November 30, 1998—Windows[1]

Original release date(s):[4]
  • NA: October 31, 1999
Release years by system:
October 31, 1999—Windows[4]

Original release date(s):[7]
  • NA: January 15, 2001
Release years by system:
January 15, 2001—Windows[7]
January 2011—iOS
December 13, 2012—Android

Original release date(s):[10]
  • NA: March 25, 2002
Release years by system:
March 25, 2002—Windows[10]

Original release date(s):
  • NA: June 12, 2010
Release years by system:
June 12, 2010—iOS
July 2010—PSP minis
June 11, 2012—Android

Original release date(s):
  • NA: September 10, 2013
Release years by system:
September 10, 2013–PlayStation 3
  • Developed by Vogster Online
  • An HD remake, with all new graphics. Exclusively for the PS3

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