Carpenters Bridge, Delaware

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Carpenters Bridge
Country USA
State Delaware
County Kent

Carpenters Bridge in Kent County, Delaware is an area associated with the name Carpenters Bridge. It contains a minor bridge with that name that crosses the Murderkill River, a road by the same name and the immediate area has a pending residential area called Carpenter Bridge Crossing.


Carpenters Bridge is a bridge by that name over the Murderkill River in Kent County, Delaware, 6 miles northwest of Milford, Delaware[1][2]

The bridge was in existence as early as 1890, when it was mentioned in a New York Times article as the site of a murder.[3] It was rebuilt or improved in 1899,[4] and replaced with prestressed concrete and mixed box beam and girders construction in 1962.[5]

The bridge spans land that once was considered by local residents to be of historic importance, though neither the State of Delaware[5] nor developers such as Carpenter Bridge Properties, LLC, through the construction company Lessard Builders, now deem it as a historic area.[6]


Road 35, is a state-maintained connector road and is locally designated as Carpenter Bridge Road. This road enables significant commercial and public access between Harrington and Frederica, Delaware.[7] The road has hundreds of houses along its length that spans two zip code areas. The zip code divider is the bridge itself by the same name.[8]


The Carpenter Bridge Crossing Home Owners Association is a pending 193 unit subdivision. The 2006 State of Delaware approved planned residential community is located a little east of the bridge. Construction has been delayed due to the economy and construction has not yet started as of 2012.[9] Carpenters Bridge Properties, LLC is under the construction company Lessard Builders, who are the developers.[6] [10] Google Maps show the planned streets and lots, but the satellite view clearly shows construction has not yet started.[11]

The area is also home to a number of residential subdivisions, natural attractions such as the Burton-Derrickson Tract of the Murderkill River Nature Preserve and Killens Pond State Park, and at least one active bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) nest.[12] The area was proposed as the site of a renewable solar energy farm at Carpenters Bridge in 2004[13] which was still under consideration in 2010.[12]

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