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Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP
Carter Ledyard & Milburn
Headquarters 2 Wall Street
New York City
No. of offices 2
No. of attorneys about 100
Major practice areas General practice
Revenue NA
Date founded 1854 (1854)
Founder Henry Scudder
James C. Carter
Lewis Cass Ledyard
John G. Milburn
Company type LLP

Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP (formerly Scudder & Carter, Carter, Rollins & Ledyard, Carter & Ledyard) is a New York City law firm. It has more than 100 attorneys with two offices in lower and midtown Manhattan, New York.[1] The firm was founded in 1854 by Henry Scudder and James C. Carter.[2]


The founding partners, along with Henry's younger brother Townsend Scudder, who subsequently joined the firm, practiced together for twenty years until 1874, the year Townsend died as Scudder & Carter.[3] Henry Scudder and Carter continued the partnership for twelve more years until 1886, when Scudder died. In the meantime, Lewis Cass Ledyard had joined the firm as an associate in 1875, and was admitted as a partner in 1881. Upon Scudder's death the firm became Carter & Ledyard (1886–1888); when Daniel G. Rollins ended his term as Surrogate of New York County he joined the firm, which became known as Carter, Rollins & Ledyard (1888–1889), and when Rollins retired a year later, it became Carter & Ledyard again (1889–1904) and finally Carter, Ledyard & Milburn in 1904, when John G. Milburn became a partner.[2][3][4]

When John G. Milburn joined the firm in 1904, there were three partners, Lewis Cass Ledyard, Edmund L. Baylies and George A. Miller, and two associates, Walter F. Taylor and Joseph W. Welsh, a total of five lawyers.[2][5]

In New York, Milburn was consulted by many clients, corporate and individual, and was engaged in several important lawsuits. Conspicuous among these was the suit instituted by the United States in 1906, under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, against The Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. Milburn, along with Joseph Welsh and Walter Taylor, worked for many years on this landmark case which was finally decided by the Supreme Court in May 1911.[2] The story in the office is that not long after Milburn came to New York he attended a large banquet and sat next to John Archibald, who was the executive head of the Standard Oil Company. That evening John G. made such an impression on Archibald that the firm of CL&M was retained as one of the counsel for the defense in the Government's anti-trust case.[2][6]

Present day[edit]

Today, the firm advises corporate clients on a range of topics,[7] including mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, financings, and joint ventures and private equity, hedge funds, mezzanine, debt and distressed funds in their investment activities,[8][9] how donated art works can be handled.[10] They have advised various clients including The Cooper Companies in their bid to acquire PARAGARD from Teva Pharmaceutical.[11] The firm also represents the three plaintiff's, Mikhail Fridman, Pyotr Aven, German Khan who are Russian bank executives and owners of Russia’s largest private commercial bank, Alfa-Bank, who filed a defamation suit "against the research firm behind the famous Trump 'dossier' that alleges links between Russia and Trump campaign associates."[12][13]

Notable alumni[edit]


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