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Cartmel Peninsula is a peninsula in Cumbria in England. It juts in a southerly direction into Morecambe Bay, bordered by the estuaries of the River Leven to the west and the River Winster to the east. It is, along with the Furness Peninsula, (from which it is separated by the River Leven) one of the two areas of that formed Lancashire North of the Sands;[1] these two areas are now referred to as the Lake District Peninsulas by marketing road signs, even though they fall outside of the Lake District National Park (this term has not fallen into local use). The peninsula is often mistakenly included as part of the better-known Furness.[2] To its north, the peninsula's borders are usually given to end at the border with the historic county of Westmorland.

The Cartmel Peninsula is largely rural. Its only town is Grange-over-Sands, a Victorian seaside resort, with the rest dominated by limestone outcrops and the overlooking Cumbrian mountains.[3] Grange's growth was a result of the Furness Railway, which runs along the peninsula's southern edge, with stations at Grange, Cark and Cartmel and Kents Bank. Historically, the area was controlled by the monks of Cartmel Priory.

The following settlements and sites can be found on the peninsula:


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Coordinates: 54°13′27″N 2°57′49″W / 54.22417°N 2.96361°W / 54.22417; -2.96361