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The cover of the first DVD compilation for season nine of Detective Conan released by Shogakukan

The ninth season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro Yamamoto and produced by TMS Entertainment and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.[1] The series is based on Gosho Aoyama's Case Closed manga series. In Japan, the series is titled Detective Conan (名探偵コナン, Meitantei Conan) but was changed due to legal issues with the title Detective Conan.[2] The episodes' plot follows Conan Edogawa's daily adventures.

The episodes use five pieces of theme music: two opening themes and three closing themes. The first opening theme is "Koi wa Suriru, Shokku, Sasupensu" (恋はスリル,ショック,サスペンス, lit. "Love is Thrill, Shock, Suspense") by Rina Aiuchi until episode 230.[3] The second opening theme is "Destiny" by Miki Matsuhashi for the rest of the season. The first ending theme is "Start in My Life" by Mai Kuraki until episode 232.[3] The second ending theme is "Always" also by Mai Kuraki until episode 247. The third ending theme is "Aoi Aoi Kono Hoshi ni " (青い青いこの地球に, lit. "The Blue Blue Star") by Azumi Uehara and is used for the rest of the season.

The season initially ran from January 15, 2001 through October 22, 2001 on Nippon Television Network System in Japan.[3] Episodes 220 to 254 were later collected into nine DVD compilations by Shogakukan. They were released between December 25, 2002 and August 25, 2003 in Japan.[4]

Episode list[edit]

Ep no. Title Original Airdate
220 "The Client Full of Lies (Part 1)"
"Itsuwari Darake no Irainin (Zenpen)" (偽りだらけの依頼人(前編)) 
January 15, 2001
A woman named Ikenami Shizuka asks Mouri Kogoro to help find a man named Shirou Shabata so she can retrieve an old photograph; Conan realizes that Ikenami is lying to Mouri during their meeting. Realizing that Shirou was skilled in kendo, Conan assumes that his name would show up in past kendo competitions. After finding an address, they enter Shirou's apartment and discover that Shirou has been murdered. Shirou's right hand contains the photograph that Ikenami is searching for making her the prime suspect for the murder. 
221 "The Client Full of Lies (Part 2)"
"Itsuwari Darake no Irainin (Kōhen)" (偽りだらけの依頼人(後編)) 
January 22, 2001
After a thorough investigation, Conan tranquilizes Mouri and reveals the culprit to be Shirou's wife, Kyouko Shabata. Conan reveals that the photograph was used to hide Shirou's real dying message, his wedding ring covered in blood in his right hand. Conan reveals that Kyouko falsified Shirou's time of death by placing the morning newspaper by Shirou's late-night meal in order to make it seem as if he was eating breakfast and by using a timed videocassette recorder to record a show. Kyouko is still also revealed to be still holding on to the incriminating evidence--her husband's bloodied wedding ring. Kyouko confesses and reveals that Shirou was gambling them into debt and she was forced to kill him. She attempts to kill herself, but Ikenami stops her. Heiji and Kazuha arrive and reveal that Ikenami is actually Heiji's mother. Ikenami confesses and tells Mouri that she wanted to see what kind of person he was since Heiji was injured the last time he stayed over. 
222 "And There Were No Mermaids (The Murder)"
"Soshite Ningyou wa Inakunatta (Jikenhen)" (そして人魚はいなくなった(事件編)) 
January 29, 2001
Conan along with Heiji, Ran, and Kazuha visit the Isle of Mermaids looking for Saori, who had sent a letter to Heiji asking him to save her from being killed by a mermaid, but when they try to look for her she has been reported missing. They decide to talk with Saori's childhood friend Kimie, who is the elder's great-granddaughter. They also meet Rokuro Fukuyama the fisherman who is Toshimi's fiancé. Those two along with Naoko, a shop clerk, are also childhood friends with Saori. Every year on this island a festival is held where 3 people win the Dungong Arrow that is said to give immortality to its carrier. Kimie gives Ran and Kazuha each a ticket tofor the lottery to win a Dugong Arrow since a couple had canceled and promised to take them to Saori's house after the festival. During the festival Kazuha wins an arrow, which she receives along with Naoko and Saori's father Benzo. The festival is brought to a disastrous end when one of the winners is found dead with a rope around their neck in front of a waterfall. 
223 "And There Were No Mermaids (The Deduction)"
"Soshite Ningyou wa Inakunatta (Suirihen)" (そして人魚はいなくなった(推理編)) 
February 5, 2001
Conan and Heiji investigate the area and history of the Mermaid's Grave which was supposedly a grave of a mermaid that was moved to a forest on mermaid island after grave robbers tried to steal its bones for immortality. They learn that an elder who is over 130 years old is a holder of the arrow and the head of the festival. While investigating the first murder, two more murders occur. The first murder was Naoko being strangled and her arrow went missing. The second one was Kimie being burned in the warehouse near the shrine. Conan reveals to Heiji over the phone that he knows who the murderer is and to meet him later. However, later as Heiji discovered the mermaid's grave that he found in the forest he ends falls off the cliff and Kazuha, while successfully pulling him back up, ends up falling off the cliff herself. Heiji jumps of the cliff after her and they both end up hanging from a tree branch on the cliff. As Kazuha sees the branch slowly breaking from the weight of both of them she stabs Heiji's hand with her arrow in order to make him let go and save himself. 
224 "And There Were No Mermaids (The Resolution)"
"Soshite Ningyou wa Inakunatta (Kaiketsuhen)" (そして人魚はいなくなった(解決編)) 
February 12, 2001
Conan reveals that the murderer is Kimie dressed up as the elder. She had faked her death in the warehouse fire. He reveals that the elder was actually descendants of the family who dressed up as her to continue the story of the arrow. Heiji and Kazuha arrive at the house in time to confirm the story. Kimie reveals that her mother was the previous elder who was killed by the three victims in the fire that happened 3 years ago in the warehouse. She continued to pretend to be the elder for her mother, but finds out the whole town knew she was the elder and that they knew that the identity of the mermaid's corpse was actually Kimie's mother. All of the island's people bow their heads and apologize for not telling her sooner as she cries due to her guilt. It is revealed that even though Kazuha stabbed Heiji's hand on the cliff he refused to let go of her hand. 
225 "The Secret of the High Sales"
"Shoubai Hanjou no Himitsu" (商売繁盛のヒミツ) 
February 19, 2001
A boy named Rintaro asks the Junior Detective League to investigate on a strange man named Yuuji Kamekura. Rintaro explains that Yuuji appeared one day at his family restaurant claiming he owes Rintaro's grandfather a favor and would like to work at the restaurant. Yuuji soon after begins living with the family and helps them improve the restaurant to the point the family are constantly busy with the customers. The Junior Detective League investigate and all but Conan are convinced Yuuji is planning to dig a tunnel into a store to steal merchandise. The Junior Detective League learn from a manager of a jewelry store that a robbery occurred five years ago and the thief was never caught. The Junior Detective League deduce that Yuuji plans to dig up the jewels he buried five years ago from the robbery under the restaurant which was under construction five years ago. Conan denies the absurd deduction but gives in when Haibara tells him Yuuji is a very simple person unlike previous criminals that he has been up against. The Junior Detective League manage to catch Yuuji digging up for jewels and he admits to his crime. Haibara shows up saying she called the police and the Junior Detective League ends up receiving letters of appreciation from the police for their help in solving the jewelry robbery case. Conan remains unsatisfied saying that his brain should be used to solve more complicated than this case. 
226 "The Battle Game Trap (Part 1)"
"Batoru Geemu no Wana (Zenpen)" (バトルゲームの罠(前編)) 
February 26, 2001
Sonoko, Ran, and Conan are at the arcade where they meet their High School English teacher, Jodie Starling who is an avid gamer. Jodie introduces Ran to a virtual reality fighting game which uses mechanics to simulate the pain of a real fight. Ran loses to a gamer named Kengo Bitou who taunts her in her lost. Bitou plays the game again his rival, Takayasu Shimizu; The battle is projected on a large screen. Bitou's avatar overwhelms Shimizu's but stops at the climax of the match. The people in the arcade realize Bitou is dead and the police are called in. The police investigate and after reviewing the security camera's footage, they limit the suspects down to four people, Toshitsugu Emori who is a middle aged taxi driver, Hitoshi Dejima and who is arcade employee, Shimizu, and Jodie. 
227 "The Battle Game Trap (Part 2)"
"Batoru Geemu no Wana (Kōhen)" (バトルゲームの罠(後編)) 
March 5, 2001
The autopsy reveals the poison to be Tetrodotoxin; a poison that causes instant paralysis and death soon after. Conan investigates and learns the method and the culprit who murdered Bitou. He tranquilizes Sonoko and impersonates her; declaring Shimizu to be the murderer. Conan reveals that Shimizu was the one playing Bitou's game avatar in order to disguise the fact Bitou was already dead. As for the weapon, Conan explains Shimizu hid a needle inside a cigarette, put gum around it, wrapped it around paper and dropped it on the floor so that it would stick to the employee's shoes which would get rid of the evidence. Conan reveals that a coin with Shimizu's fingerprint should be found in Bitou's arcade machine. Shimizu confesses revealing Bitou's gambling and debt caused his sister to develop Vitamin A deficiency due to her working too much to pay off Bitou's debt and not eating enough which resulted in her blindness. As Sonoko, Ran, and Jodie leave the arcade, their discussion leads to Shinichi whom Jodie dubs as Cool Guy. She says goodbye whilst calling Conan Cool Guy and leaves. That night, Jodie calls an unknown person discussing how her target, the Rotten Apple has changed appearance. 
228 "The Murderous Pottery Class (Part 1)"
"Satsui no Dougei Kyoushitsu (Zenpen)" (殺意の陶芸教室(前編)) 
March 12, 2001
Ran, Sonoko, and Conan attend a pottery class to make pretty mugs. However, when helping Muneyuki Mino, the teacher of the pottery class, find his son-in-law named Motoo Mino, they open the closet and Motoo who was strangled to death with a necktie falls out of the closet. During the investigation by the police, Conan observes the movement of all the suspects. Since Conan knows who the culprit is he confronts him when they are both alone and tries to find evidence to prove it was him. 
229 "The Murderous Pottery Class (Part 2)"
"Satsui no Dougei Kyoushitsu (Kōhen)" (殺意の陶芸教室(後編)) 
March 19, 2001
When Conan found something suspicious about the neck pin on the neck tie, he figured out the trick the culprit used to hide the victim. It appeared that Kikuyo, an assistant, had a 10 million yen debt and needed the insurance money to pay it. So, the police staff and Muneyuki started accusing her and as she was about to be taken to the police station, Conan used his stun gun on Sonoko and he reveals the culprit who strangled the victim to be the teacher of the pottery class. Underneath the revealed truth, the culprit confessed that his son-in-law was having an affair with the assistant of the pottery class. The potter reveals that when his daughter was alive she had bought a beige tie for the son-in-law for Christmas and that after her death he had found it thrown in the trash. Originally he thought that the tie had accidentally fallen into the trash but when he went to the airport he found his son-in-law who he thought would be grieving, smiling happily with the assistant clutching onto his arm. 
230 "The Mysterious Passenger (Part 1)"
"Nazo-meita Joukyaku (Zenpen)" (謎めいた乗客(前編)) 
April 16, 2001
Gin and Vodka are at a bar discussing their plans with the Black Organization member, Vermouth to capture Sherry. Conan and the Detective Boys are taking the transit bus to a ski resort where they meet Araide and Jodie aboard the bus. Haibara is able to sense that Vermouth is on the bus and hides herself in fear in order to prevent herself from being found. Soon after, the bus is hi-jacked by two armed men who uses the passengers as hostages and demands the city to release their boss. Conan attempts to search for a way to apprehend the men but is caught every time causing him to realize that one of the three passengers in the back seat is an accomplice of the armed men and is somehow informing them of the passenger's behavior. Conan investigates the ski bags the robbers placed in the center of the bus and realizes they contain explosives. 
231 "The Mysterious Passenger (Part 2)"
"Nazo-meita Joukyaku (Kōhen)" (謎めいた乗客(後編)) 
April 23, 2001
Conan figures out who the accomplice is. When the bus enters a tunnel, the armed men force Araide and a passenger named Akai Shuichi to wear the ski gear the hijackers were wearing. The hijackers then use Miharu Tomino, a woman chewing gum as a hostage and proceed to leave the bus. Conan reveals that the woman is an accomplice of theirs and that they plan to detonate the bombs in the ski bags once they are off the bus. The Junior Detective League are able to inform the driver to stop suddenly which allows Conan to apprehend the criminals. Tomino accidentally activates the bombs when the bus suddenly stopped, giving them a few minutes before it detonates. The passengers leave the bus but Hibara remains seated in the bus as she plans to die in the explosion and subsequently prevent the Black Organization from finding her and harming those around her. Conan rushes back in the bus and throws a fire extinguisher to break the back window, grabs Hibara, and escapes through the back window of the bus before the explosion occurs. Conan has Takagi take Hibara to the hospital in order to hide her from the Black Organization member. Later, Akai Shuichi is seen reporting to an unknown person and informing them that the target has not appeared. 
232 "The Apartment Degradation Case"
"Manshon Tenraku Jiken" (マンション転落事件) 
May 7, 2001
Mouri Kogoro accepts a case to help to find out who has been sending threatening phone calls and letters to a man named Mitsuo Yoshimura. On the way to Yoshimura's apartment with his friend Joji Ueda, Mouri and Conan witness Yoshimura fall to his death. The police arrive and start to search for clues and the Ueda asks to go change his clothes. Conan pretends to be thirsty in order to infiltrate the Ueda's room which is 1 floor above the victim's room in order to search for clues. He finds multiple indentations in the carpet indicating that furniture had been placed there but was moved. Later Conan uses Mouri to say his deduction. Conan reveals that there is no way that the victim's slipper could have flown so far if he had jumped from the 5th floor and since the roof door is locked that means that the victim had jumped from the friend's room which was the highest floor. He deduces that the friend and the victim had drunken whiskey together in the victim's room and the friend had spiked the whiskey with sleeping pills. The friend had carried the victim to his room which he had rearranged to look like the victim's room so that the victim would believe that it was his room. While the friend was with Mouri and Conan in the restaurant he called the victim saying that the people who were after him were coming for him. Ueda had also previously called a florist to deliver flowers at 7:00pm which the victim mistook for the people coming after him and he proceeded to jump from the balcony to the warehouse stairs which killed him as he was on the 6th floor. The evidence that Ueda was guilty was that there was no call received by Ueda at the time of the crime. The culprit revealed that he was in debt and the victim convinced him to steal drugs from the hosipital they worked at. But when the friend wanted to stop stealing the victim threatened to reveal to everyone in the hospital that the friend had been stealing drugs. 
233 "The Evidence That Didn't Disappear (Part 1)"
"Kienakatta Shouko (Zenpen)" (消えなかった証拠(前編)) 
May 14, 2001
Agasa takes the Junior Detective League to a neighbor named Teruya Kanou who is giving away his belongings before moving to England. Hibara continues to be pessimistic as she worries that the Black Organization has discovered her from the previous bus hijacking incident. While there Kanou's Papillon goes missing when the longcase clock strikes twelve and chimes twelve times. When Doyle's, the Papillon, collar is found inside an incinerator that has not been used for a long time and the back gate being left open, Conan realizes that a culprit attempted to falsify the scene to give the impression that the culprit kidnapped Doyle and ran away when in fact the culprit is hiding Doyle in the House to steal him afterward. Shino Hasuki's shoes are found near the crime scene and she is suspected of being the culprit by one of the dog breeders. 
234 "The Evidence That Didn't Disappear (Part 2)"
"Kienakatta Shouko (Kōhen)" (消えなかった証拠(後編)) 
May 21, 2001
Conan notices that there is glass wool, which muffles sound, in the incinerator and realizes who the culprit is. After gathering the guests, Conan reveals that the grandfather clock did not chime since the culprit changed the time to 12 hours ahead and reveals that the culprit used the stereo to simulate the chimes. Doyle chased after the chime and the smell of where it's blue cushion was and is lured to the back of the stereo with cheese containing sleeping pills. Conan reveals that the culprit was after the diamond on Doyle's collar which is worth a fortune. He reveals that the culprit is Yoshio Tsunashima; Tsunashima had reserved a small pendulum clock which was becoming slower by a minute per hour, meaning something was weighting down the pendulum which was revealed to be Doyle's collar. Tsunashima starts to run away, however, Arthur and Christie stop him and since he could not bring himself to but a dog he stopped trying to run. Tsunashima confesses to his crime and reveals he needed the money to continue to support the abandoned dogs he kept taking in. Kanou decides to give the collar to Tsunashima and not push for any charges. That following evening, they find out Kanou's other dog, Arthur, was the one who was placed Hasuki's shoes elsewhere. Conan reveals that Arthur wanted to prevent Hasuki from leaving so he could be with his love Christie, Hasuki's German Shepherd. Hasuki announces that she had come to accept Kanou's proposal and will be joining him in England. 
235 "The Locked Wine Cellar"
"Misshitsu no Wain Seraa" (密室のワインセラー) 
May 28, 2001
Mouri, Ran, and Conan are invited to a private party by a President of a financial business, who is known for his expensive collection and various tastes in wine. Three other guests attend and all of which have borrowed money from the president. He challenges one of the guests, a training sommelier to a tasting challenge that if he guesses all of the wines correctly he will forget his debt. As the sommelier guesses many of the wines correctly the president gets frustrated and goes to his wine cellar for a rare wine. They all realize that the president has taken too long and discover his dead body in the wine cellar which has been found locked. Fingerprints have been found on the door knob by two of the suspects yet Conan discovers the clues and in the end uses Mouri with the aid of Takagi and Chiba to reanact how the criminal killed the President. The culprit had called out the President to the backyard by knocking on the wine cellar window and had then killed him in the backyard. The criminal then used clothesline poles to lower the body into the wine cellar where the corpse's feet knocked down the wine bottles on the top shelf and had used his handkerchief to wipe the wine that got on the clothesline poles. The criminal confesses that they killed the president because he rose the interest on their debt and they couldn't pay because he had to pay his employees. 
236 "The Nanki Beach Mystery Tour (Part 1)"
"Nanki Shirahama Misuterii Tsuaa (Zenpen)" (南紀白浜ミステリーツアー(前編)) 
June 4, 2001
Ran, Mouri, and Conan go to Shirahama on a vacation they won from a shopping district lottery, and there meet a group of college students named Maki Shinjou, Tatsuhiko Yura, Madoka Mitsui, Kanako Miyahara, and Kouta Fuji. They are all in the same art club, but don't seem to get along well. During the time that Conan, Ran, and Mouri at near the souvenir shop Conan feels a mysterious person watching them and that mysterious person gets away on a bus heading to Shirahama where Madoka is drawing before Conan could catch up. When Madoka is drawing, she finds the body of one of her fellow students, Maki, stabbed in the heart. She immediately calls Fuji who is at Adventure World with Mouri, Ran, and Conan. Madoka tells the police that someone called Maki's phone as it started playing a Beethoven ringtone which made her check the bushes where she discovered Maki stabbed by a knife. 
237 "The Nanki Beach Mystery Tour (Part 2)"
"Nanki Shirahama Misuterii Tsuaa (Kōhen)" (南紀白浜ミステリーツアー(後編)) 
June 11, 2001
Conan investigates and finds out that Madoka was cheating on her boyfriend with another student, Fuji, but that none of them committed the murder. Conan also reveals through Mouri that Maki had originally been planning to kill Madoka for stealing her boyfriend. Maki created her own alibi by asking Kanoko to pretend to be her and have Mouri, Ran, and Conan see her at the station. It is also revealed that the mysterious person that was watching Conan was Kanoko. Kanoko then returned and killed Maki because Maki had helped her get into the university illegally by asking her father to let her into the university. 
238 "The 3 "K"s of Osaka Case (Part 1)"
"Oosaka "Mittsu no K" Jiken (Zenpen)" (大阪“3つのK”事件(前編)) 
June 18, 2001
Heiji invites Mouri, Ran, and Conan to a celebration of the opening of the 3K restaurant by three American celebrities, a heavyweight boxing champion named Ricardo Barreira, a Major League Baseball player named Mike Norwood, and the pro soccer player known named Ray Curtis who Conan admires. Kazuha is shown to be listening in on their phone call and suspects that Heiji is having an affair with some woman as he keeps whispering on the phone "Is now not a good time? I can call back later." and "Have you been caught yet?" During the party th announcer asks if anyone has any questions for the 3 athletes. Suddenly, the news reporter named Ed McCay who was invited asks that isn't Japan the home of many scandals, and mentions that K stands for "kitanai" meaning filth. During the party Ran asks the soccer player for his autograph for Shinichi in front of all the guests which in turn leads Heiji to tell Conan to try and call Ran once in a while as Shinichi. Ran also received an autographed shirt and a ticket to an exhibition match in Nagai that Ray will be playing in which she gives to Conan. In return the soccer player asks Ran to help the 3 of them create a 'K' above the restaurant using the lights of the rooms above the restaurant. While they are doing this a gunshot is heard and a window breaks on the second floor. Heiji and Conan run up to the room and find the dead body of Ed McCay. The reporter is shown to be holding on to his belt with his left hand and showing 3 fingers with his right hand. At the end Heiji is wondering why Shinichi is acting strangely since he is trying to defend the suspects instead of trying to find out the truth. 
239 "The 3 "K"s of Osaka Case (Part 2)"
"Oosaka "Mittsu no K" Jiken (Kōhen)" (大阪“3つのK”事件(後編)) 
June 25, 2001
As Heiji is investigating the rooms, Conan suddenly appears and talks to him about that all three sport celebrities are all innocent. Heiji and Conan find a mop in the closet of a hotel room and figure out what the trick was and Conan refuses to believe that it was possible. Conan runs out and finds the three athletes coming out of the bathroom. Conan goes into the bathroom and finds a needle in the trash. He then heard Ran, Kazuha, and Kogoro coming and Kogoro is talking to Ran and Kazuha about what he had overheard it in the restaurant about the meaning of "bandou". Kogoro also said that Ed McCay was fluent in Japanese and knew a lot about Japanese food. Conan finally figured it out who the culprit is. Conan finally confronts the culprit, Ray. Conan reveals that Ray used a soccer ball in order to turn on the lights on the 1st floor while killing the victim at the same time. Ray reveals that the victim created false rumors about him using drugs and destroyed his life. His wife committed suicide and that he only turned to drugs afterward to ease husband joint pain. Conan convinces Ray to turn himself in which involved the 2 having a conversation completely in English (in the subbed version). Conan is later shown to be sitting on the porch of Heiji's house depressed as one of his favorite soccer players Ray had been arrested. Ran remarks that Conan's expression is very similar to Shinichi's expression when he loses something he loves. Heiji cheers Conan up by trying to keep a soccer ball in the air by kicking. He fails which leads to Conan showing him the correct way to do it. Ran and Kazuha mention how they look like brothers. 
240 "The Bullet Train Transport Case (Part 1)"
"Shinkansen Gosou Jiken (Zenpen)" (新幹線護送事件(前編)) 
July 2, 2001
While traveling home on the Shinkansen from Osaka, Conan, Ran and Mouri ran into Officer Satou and Takagi, who were transporting a criminal. Later, a bomb was found on the train that Officer Satou went to investigate. At that time, while she was in the bathroom with it, Officer Takagi had to take the criminal to the bathroom. And then, he apparently committed suicide but... 
241 "The Bullet Train Transport Case (Part 2)"
"Shinkansen Gosou Jiken (Kōhen)" (新幹線護送事件(後編)) 
July 9, 2001
From the crime scene, Conan found a suspicious thing that makes the scene as the place of homicide. During the investigation, Conan observes three suspects. Conan points out the suspects of who the murderer is. After investigating and finding clues, Conan reveals the culprit. He tries to escape but is stopped by Takagi and Satou. 
242 "Boy George's Misfortune"
"Genta Shōnen no Sainan" (元太少年の災難) 
July 16, 2001
Genta has been acting weird at school lately. The Junior Detective League learns that he is being targeted by a killer. Genta tries to remember where he sees the killer. After eating ice cream, seeing the Flag of France, and looking at a store mirror, he heads to a barber shop. Afterwards the killer confronts him but Conan reveals it was a trap and that the killer is surrounded by cops. 
243 "Richard Moore's Imposter (Part 1)"
"Mōri Kogoro no Nisemono (Zenpen)" (毛利小五郎のニセ者(前編)) 
July 23, 2001
An imposter impersonates Kogoro at a hotel where he is invited to investigate a case where a man is said to have committed suicide 4-5 years ago. Kogoro decides to play along and not reveal his identity. Later that night, the impostor is found hanged in his room. 
244 "Richard Moore's Imposter (Part 2)"
"Mōri Kogoro no Nisemono (Kōhen)" (毛利小五郎のニセ者(後編)) 
July 30, 2001
Overlap the clues in the crime scene of the case, Conan figured out that the case was related with the suicide case of 5 years ago. Giving hint of the place in which treasure buried, Conan invites the culprit to the forest of suicide. Using the real deduction of the true Sleeping Kogoro, Conan reveals that it is not a suicide but a murder and that relates to the incident 5 years ago. Afterwards, Kogoro picks up girls who are his fans and gives them a ride in the car. 
245 "The Gun Shot in the Sunflower Building"
"Himawari-kan no Juusei" (ヒマワリ館の銃声) 
August 6, 2001
Conan, Kogoro and Ran all go to an isolated mansion called the Sunflower building because every 12 hours it rotates. They are having a BBQ outside while the owner is inside when they hear a shot fired. They rush inside to find the owner shot through the forehead. After investigating, Conan discovers the culprit was one of the owner's students studying to be an architect. The student killed the owner because the owner stole his work and was getting an award for it. 
246 "The Mystery in the Net (Part 1)"
"Ami ni Kakatta Nazo (Zenpen)" (網にかかった謎(前編)) 
August 13, 2001
Professor Agasa takes the Junior Detective League and Conan at the beach during school break while Ran and Sonoko also happen to be on the exact beach. At night, all of them ate dinner in a hotel together with the lifeguards they met that morning. The man the lifeguards were supposed to meet didn't show up so they tried calling him but the only sound that could be heard was the sound of the waves. The 3 lifeguards decided to look for the man at the beach and found him on the shore dead, covered in scratches and wrapped in a fisherman's net. 
247 "The Mystery in the Net (Part 2)"
"Ami ni Kakatta Nazo (Kōhen)" (網にかかった謎(後編)) 
August 20, 2001
Conan figures out the culprit and decides to use Professor Agasa's voice to reveal the trick but remembers he forgot his voice changing bow tie at the hotel. Haibara arrives bringing with her Conan's bow tie. Conan tells Ayumi, Mitsuhiko and Genta to collect some things. After the three brought them, Conan, as Professor Agasa, reveals the trick the culprit used to kill the man. The victim, covered in fishnet, was placed in the shore where the culprit dug a hole fit for a man. He then placed a boat with sea water on top of the victim to serve as a weight so that when the victim wakes up he won't be able to escape when the tides rises up. The killer placed false evidence on the boat so that the police would think that the victim was placed inside the boat before letting him drown. The culprit then tells that he killed the man which was responsible for his father's death and that he only gathered all his courage to bestow divine punishment upon the man. Ran then tells the man that courage is a word that gives you the strength to do what's right and not to take someone else's life. Afterwards, Hibara comes up to Ran and introduces herself. 
248 "The Alibi of the Soothing Forest"
"Iyashi no Mori no Aribai" (癒しの森のアリバイ) 
August 27, 2001
While Conan, Ran and Kogoro are going sightseeing, the village head is killed by the somebody who visited the village head before post office lady. When Conan observing the clue around the crime scene, he figure out that the culprit was the victim's oldest son. With Sleeping Kogoro's deduction, Conan reveals the truth of the village head's death. 
249 "The Idol Stars' Secret (Part 1)"
"Aidoru-tachi no Himitsu (Zenpen)" (アイドル達の秘密(前編)) 
September 3, 2001
Ran and Kogoro get an invitation for an engagement party from his favorite idol Youko-chan. Kaoru the one who is getting engaged is another star and a former member of a group they all used to be in. She is a fan of Kogoro and wanted him to find out who was stalking her. Kaoru decides to take a bath. And the rest of the girl group decide to dress up and sing their old song to surprise her. Conan discovers blood leading to the door and they find her attacked. Bloody clothes are found outside which were made to make it seem like it was Kaoru's stalker but really is someone at the party. 
250 "The Idol Stars' Secret (Part 2)"
"Aidoru-tachi no Himitsu (Kōhen)" (アイドル達の秘密(後編)) 
September 10, 2001
Megure searches everyone for the murder weapon but it isn't found. Though they discover a listening device and find drawers tampered with. The hospital calls and Kaoru will make it. Meanwhile, Conan confronts the culprit who tried to kill Kaoru over a misunderstanding and overdoses on medicine to try and kill herself. But Conan saves her life. Kaoru apparently made up the rumor of the engagement to get her manager to notice her and they later become engaged. 
251 "The Tragedy at the OK Corral"
"OK-Bokujou no Higeki" (OK牧場の悲劇) 
September 17, 2001
Because of Kogoro's love of horses he takes Conan and Ran to an OK corral ranch. One of their prize winning horses gets spooked and they all go running after her. They reach the horse and Conan finds blood on her horseshoe. They then find the farrier; one who shoes the horses, murdered. They find out that the farrier, had been meeting with a businessman who wanted to buy and ruin breeding any more horses that would save the ranch. Conan deduces that it wasn't an accident and that someone gave the horse chocolate which is a stimulant for horses. But it wasn't the cause for the death and was a cover-up for the real criminal. And that the murder weapon was the horseshoe that the person in haste put on wrong. The criminal confesses and had killed the farrier accidentally in self-defense. 
252 "The Kidnapper in the Picture"
"E no Naka no Yuukaihan" (絵の中の誘拐犯) 
October 8, 2001
Conan and the Junior Detective League find out about a kidnapping case and decide to investigate. They look for places where the kidnapped boy might be hidden and Ayumi finds the culprit. She hides in his car and is taken to where the boy is being kept, and Conan knocks the kidnapper out by hitting him with a kicked paint can. 
253 "Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 4 (Part 1)"
"Honchou no Keiji Koi Monogatari 4 (Zenpen)" (本庁の刑事恋物語4(前編)) 
October 15, 2001
Satou is having an arranged marriage meeting with a man due to her mother's persistence. She arrives to find out it's Ninzaburo Shiratori. She proposes that if Takagi does not arrive to her before sunset, she will marry him whether she wants to or not. He accepts, but Takagi is busy with a store robbery. Three of the eye witnesses all give different descriptions and three culprits are kept in the back of the police car. Conan on the phone prepares to help Takagi solve the case as Kudo Shinichi. 
254 "Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 4 (Part 2)"
"Honchou no Keiji Koi Monogatari 4 (Kōhen)" (本庁の刑事恋物語4(後編)) 
October 22, 2001
Takagi solves the case and arrests the culprit when he tries to make a dash out of the police car. Takagi catches up and gives up on going to Simone in time to stop the marriage as the sun is almost set and the car is too far away. His party comes to cheer him on and he runs. Conan manages to stop the marriage in time with Tomoaki Araide's help. Takagi manages to reach the restaurant but the sun has completely sunk. He then sees Satou around the corner who tells him he told her an emergency case has come up. Takagi smiles as he enters the car. Meanwhile Shiratori leaves the restaurant, disappointed in his closed marriage. Conan comments how Takagi and Satou reminded him of Ran and himself. 


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