Cat Chat

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Cat Chat
Developer(s) Chris Thompson
Platform(s) Platform independent
Release date(s) 1990
Genre(s) Talker
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Cat Chat was the first Internet / JANET talker, created in 1990[1][2] by Chris Thompson, who used the name "Cat" on the talker. It was based on the LPMud server code and was hosted at the University of Warwick.[1][3] It was later replaced by Cheeseplant's House.

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  1. ^ a b "Talker History". NetLingo the Internet Dictionary. Retrieved 2010-04-13. Single-server talkers on the internet first appeared in 1990, with the talker Cat Chat. This was a hack of the LPMud source code, put together by Chris Thompson (aka 'Cat') at Warwick University, in England. 
  2. ^ "Introduction to MUDs". The Mud Connector. Talkers began in 1990 with the program "CatChat" at Warwick University which, ironically, used an LP MUD driver and had snoop capability. 
  3. ^ Stephens, Daniel. "Cheeseplant's House". /home/daniel, the ramblings of Daniel Stephens. It wasn't too long before something significant happened, I started to spend some time on Cat Chat. This was an LPmud, which had its rooms replaced by a number of 'Channels', and which had its user command set reduced to just those required for communication (for the most part).