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Lysator is an academic computer club at Linköping University, Sweden with almost 600 members. It is an independent non-profit society, separate from the students' union and the faculties of the university.


Lysator was founded on 29 March 1973. The first computer used at Lysator was a Datasaab D21, delivered to Lysator on 25 May 1973. Later in the decade, members of Lysator developed and initially built a microcomputer, the Lys-16, which was advanced for its time due to its 16-bit word size.[1]

In February 1993, Lysator put up the first web server in Sweden, among the first 10–15 in the world.

On 30 July 2010, Lysator began migrating to a new 3U home rack,[2] increasing their available storage space from 700GB to 13TB.[3]

Projects hosted by Lysator[edit]

Lysator has been a starting ground for many notable projects, some of which have since become independent from the club:

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