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Catchpenny photo essay 050525-A-3341M-076.jpg
Catchpenny performs during a 2009 Memorial Day celebration on Contingency Operating Base, Basra, Iraq.
Background information
Origin Minnesota, USA
Genres Rock
Members Christian Schauf
Zachary Schauf
Eric Raum
Ben Foote
Billy Thommes
Past members Jeff Wick
Josh Anderson
Josh Fink
Jent Lepalm
Layne Christopher

Catchpenny is an American rock/pop band. The group released its first album, Chance For A Lifetime in December 2005. Tommy Stinson, Michael Bland, Phil Solem, Tommy Barbarella, John Fields, and Jim Anton have also worked with Catchpenny.[1]

The band has set record attendance numbers at Hard Rock Cafe, has been featured on national television spots for ESPN and Arizona Jean Company, and sold more than 4000 copies of Chance For A Lifetime in its first year after release.[2]

The band is managed by Michael Tucker and Schatzi Marketing Corp.[1]

Their first album, “Chance for a Lifetime, produced by Michael Bland, was recorded in eight days and released in December 2005. Within a year, the band sold out of the album three times and watched their website traffic reach almost 100,000 hits.[citation needed] Catchpenny found themselves in opening slots for a long list of national acts.[1]

Catchpenny performed for Marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen as part of their overseas tour during the summer of 2008. They performed at Al Taqaddum Air Base, Iraq on 9 Aug 08 and at Ali Air Base/COB ADDER, Iraq on 19 NOV 08. They returned to Iraq on 8 April to Joint Base Balad as part of their second tour entertaining troops.[1]




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