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Define Works[edit]

Please define works. Does it follow the English definition such as "A product of the fine arts, especially a painting or sculpture. Something likened to a fine artistic work, as by reason of beauty or craft."

It seems like there is some confusion between works of art such as ballets, music, poems, movies, etc. and a written memo; specifically the addition of the Pace memorandum article to this category. I see no correlation between a private memo and all other works of art listed. When this was brought up to the editor, the response was "letters and memos are generally categorized as works by date." I am unfamiliar with this defintion in English, except when related to individuals acknowledged as authors, not as is this case a trained accountant commenting on his personal perception of those affected with severe emotional disorders. (First lesson here, when you are not trained in an area the best advice to keep your mouth (or pen, computer, etc.) shut and quiet.

Currently, among all of the works of art listed (assuming software programs are part of the creative process) there are two articles that have been included: Hutu Ten Commandments and Pace memorandum; neither of which are associated with creative abilities. The category needs further clarification and then a decision can be made as to what belongs and what does not in this category. --StormRider 22:27, 25 February 2009 (UTC)