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Can the Vis-viva equation be used on matter, (i.e. an atom, Hydrogen)[edit]

The Vis-viva equation is used on a large scale, satellites, missiles, etc. Can it also be used in the sub-atomic level; Protons, Neutrons, Electrons?

Atlantech (talk) 11:37, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

WindFire Effect (Theroy Proposal)[edit]

The WindFire Effect

The WindFire Effect is the moment that energy changes to matter, and when matter changes to matter.

All matter is in effect energy. That energy is manifested into matter when the arrangement of the energy is aligned with the pattern of the matter. Matter grows when energy that is close to the matter starts taking the shape of the matter. You can build matter by arranging the energy in the pattern of the matter. Most of the time the changing of energy into matter is unobserved. A plant growing is always converting energy (Solar, organic) into the plant cells that make up the plant. The plant then converts itself into stored energy by producing seeds that contain the pattern to arrange energy to produce matter. This matter will then convert energy into matter, allowing the plant to grow once more, starting the cycle all over.

Man has yet to understand how this happens, as most of man's discovery is by observation. You have to know what you are looking for in order to find what you are looking for.

The WindFire Effect is the manifestation of this reality, or any reality. Energy is drawn into this pattern, this reality, and creates matter, because that is what is told to do. Energy is what binds all material, and that energy can also be used to destroy that material.

Energy can be controlled. The transfer from matter to energy can, and is being utilized for many things. The most common use is electricity. Electricity is created (mostly) by using metal to create pathways for the electricity to travel. This energy is used to move other matter in order to create work. Work is the effort used to move matter. This use of energy has inspired me to seek further to define what "energy" really is.

Energy can been seen when it is manifested as matter. Look around, every thing you see is just energy, concentrated into a form. The light reflections from this matter strike our eyes, which the brain interprets as an object. That object, no matter how dense, is still energy.

Manipulating this energy is pretty simple. You grab matter, and make it into what you want. Take a stick of wood and make a flute. It is now a flute, and the eye and brain register it as one. But the matter, the energy that was the original stick, is still there. It came from that seed when energy was bound to it.

Now, can you take that stick and turn it into gold? Yes, you can turn that stick into gold. It is just energy that is caught within in the pattern of the wood. All you would have to do is change that pattern of energy into the pattern for gold. Sounds simple, but what are the patterns, how do you get the patterns, and then get the energy to change patterns? And then, how does one manipulate the energy to change the patterns?

That is in essence what the WindFire Effect is all about....

Based on preliminary research, the areas that the WindFire Effect can be used

Medical + Speed Healing - inducing the cells to grow by focusing energy on the damage, allowing it to heal faster + Stop the growth of tumors by converting abnormal cells to normal cells

Environment + Filters - To clean Air and Water + Radiation Cleanup - Accelerate the decay of radioactive particles by helping the particle turn into energy

Energy + Creating generators that can utilize radioactive materials for fuel (Non-Thermal Fusion) to generate energy (Solid- state Generator) + Store energy - Magnetically Induced Current

Tony Valdez (c)2004, AtlanTech. All Rights Reserved.

Atlantech (talk) 12:20, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

E=MC Squared[edit]

Is there a true order to chaos?


Beneath the particle based matter that makes up our universe, lies energy.

Dense energy is what makes matter possible.

What we observe as black holes is in fact, a layer of “light energy”, or un-dense energy.

That energy is what builds matter.

The closest example is in fact light energy, made up of waves and particles.

But what why does light act the way it does?

Light energy is an emitted energy. It radiates out from a source. That source creates the light by releasing large amounts of energy, so called “Light Energy”. In order to be observed in the material world, the energy is condensed into a particle, light particles.

Light particles, being a “Dense Energy,” impacts matter and bounces off, reflecting the particle; but not the waves.

Because the particles are not traveling in the wave, they start to break down, atrophy sets in.

As those particles break down, they start to lose mass until they no longer “Dense Energy.”

At that stage they cease to be seen in the material world.

Energy = Matter C2

Atlantech (talk) 13:45, 22 July 2010 (UTC) Category:Talk:Philosophy of physics