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Per placing that "very large" template in this category, I propose to split it up along the same scheme I used for Category:Orange County, New York

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. It's too indiscriminate, it's time and I'm certainly responsible for filling this up.

I have to go now, but I will be posting specifics later for anyone to comment on, and hopefully implementing this in the next couple of days. Daniel Case (talk) 23:16, 9 January 2008 (UTC)

OK ... here's how I see it shaping up. Ulster is different from Orange so far in that the Catskills have led to creating more geography articles for the county. See

  • Buildings and structures in ... Pretty self-explanatory. To have Houses in ... and Churches in to accomodate most of the NRHP entries, and Schools in as well. Quite a few entries available for Bridges in ... thanks to Doncram creating all the covered-bridge articles.
  • Communities in ... Existing subcategory to which I am slowly diffusing all town, village and hamlet articles (Kingston is already there) and categories related to them. Probably should start one for Wawarsing, and maybe Ellenville as a sub of that.
  • Economy of ... Top-level cat will mainly have the prisons since I can't put them anywhere else (only four, so a separate cat won't be justified). Maybe SUNY New Paltz as well. Visitor attractions in ... subcat includes all NHLs save Riverby as it's not open to the public, NRHPS like Opus 40 that are tourist attractions, Hudson Valley Mall, and all protected areas (maybe that should be a subcat of this, too). Belleayre Ski Center should be added when created (note to self: Get up there and take a photo from Switzerland Lake near Flesichmanns, at dusk when it starts to get lit up. Absolutely beautiful) and maybe Esopus Creek due to tubing. Don't know if we have any "Companies based in ..." yet save that one weekly newspaper company, but that does remind me to put the radio stations and Daily Freeman into Media in ....
  • Education in ...' Currently taking all the schools, but ultimately will have just the school districts, SUNY New Paltz and Ulster BOCES and Ulster Community College whenever those are created.
    • Schools in .... The category for all actual schools. Also under Buildings and structures.
  • Geography of ... Unlike Orange County, enough articles on natural features have been created, and quite a few more are likely, so will subdivide into Rivers in ..." (right now the Wallkill, Shawangunk, and Rondout, with likely additions being the Esopus and its tributaries — Saw Kill, Woodland Creek, Bush Kill — and the east and west branches of the Neversink and their named tributaries (Donovan Brook)), the Beaverkill (the trout stream, which rises in Ulster County) and Ver Nooy Kill and other Rondout tributaries (Mettacahonts Creek, a name I just love saying), Dry Brook and Shandaken Brook, Pigeon and Biscuit brooks ... I'm sure I've missed some; Lakes in ... (the reservoirs, Winnisook and Cooper Lakes, Sturgeon Pool, and there are of course other possibilities); Mountains in ..." (Slide, Panther and the many yet-uncreated Catskill High Peak articles (there are 16 more), plus lesser peaks deserving articles like Overlook, Tremper, Ashokan High Point, Dry Brook Ridge (shared with Delaware County), Mill Brook Ridge (highest non-High Peak in the Catskills), and then outside of the Catskills we've got Illinois Mountain and Shaupeneak Ridge, and of course the Shawangunk Ridge, which reaches its highest elevation in Ulster. We can have mountain passes if and when we write enough about named ones (less here than in Greene County). There's also enough waterfalls, and enough potential waterfalls, to justify a possible subcat there.

    Protected areas in ... with the Slide Mountain Wilderness Area, Shawangunk Grasslands, and Shawangunk Ridge properties would be an excellent start and probably should be here as well. As for the Catskill Park, I think we should have a separate category eventually for Catskill Park management units as, despite the largest portion of the park being in Ulster, it's really not a one-county thing. But maybe I could see doing it for now.

  • History of ... The Esopus Wars and Lake Mohonk conference. Maybe the D&H Canal should be here even though it's going to be in Registered Historic Places in ... as well ... it definitely shaped the county as a whole. Old Mine Road, too.
  • Transportation in ... For now, the state highways and the Catskill Mountain Railway will do. There are airports (I think) but no one's created articles on them yet. No actively used train stations, either. Should also add U.S. Route 209 in New York since it's in the same category for Orange County, and the Ulster stretch only accounts for half the highway's total length in New York. Bridges will be a subcat.

With luck, we can get this to be a top-level category with only subcategories. I think it's more possible than it's been for Orange County. Daniel Case (talk) 06:46, 10 January 2008 (UTC)


Done moving every article that should be in "Communities in ..." into it. Will start the other ones later today as there seem to be no objections. Daniel Case (talk) 14:41, 12 January 2008 (UTC)