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Cathi Bond
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Cathi Bond (2007)
Born Canada

Cathi Bond is a Canadian writer, broadcaster, and novelist.

Bond's upcoming novel Night Town is published by Iguana Books in ePub, Kindle and print edition. Night Town tells the story of downtown Toronto in the 1970s.

As a very young woman, the author knew the mean streets all too well, and she decided to create a fictional account of Toronto during this time. Toronto the Good was really a dangerous city full of street drugs, body rub parlours and menacing bikers. It was also the epicenter of the early heady days of Canada’s gay revolution.

She is a regular contributor to CBC Radio's Spark, and writes for The Globe and Mail[1] and yoursource magazine.[2] As a podcaster, she co-hosts Reel Women, a bi-weekly movie podcast with Canadian feminist and author Judy Rebick. She also co-hosts The Sniffer, a podcast about technology and trends, with Nora Young. She was the host of the podcast "Prosecast", which focused on Canadian authors and themes and was sponsored by HarperCollins Canada.

On CBC Radio, she was a frequent film and cultural critic on Definitely Not the Opera.


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