Catholic Bishops' Conference of Pakistan

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The Catholic Bishops' Conference of Pakistan (CBCP) is the episcopal conference of the Catholic bishops of Pakistan. Its objectives are to facilitate coordinated study and discussion of issues affecting the Church, and adoption of a common policy and effective action in all matters concerning the Church in Pakistan.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Pakistan decided on 18 April 1990 to build this new seminary for philosophical studies in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lahore.[1] Prior to this the Christ the King Seminary in Karachi was the only major seminary in the country.

In 1997 the CBCP approved a National Catholic Institute of Theology to be set up in Karachi to provide theological formation in the spirit of renewal desired by the Second Vatican Council.


Cardinal Joseph Cordeiro, 1958–1971 and 1973-1994[2]

Archbishop Theotonius Amal Ganguly, C.S.C., 1971–1973[3]

Archbishop Armando Trindade, 1994–2000

Archbishop Simeon Anthony Pereira, 2000–2002

Archbishop Lawrence Saldanha, 2002-2011 [4]

Archbishop Joseph Coutts, 2011-present

Secretary General[edit]

Bishop Anthony Theodore Lobo, 1989–2010

Bishop Rufin Anthony, 2010-2015


National Commission for Justice and Peace

National Catholic Education Commission, Pakistan

Major Seminary

Muslim Christian Dialogue

Catechetics and Biblical Apostolate

Liaison with Charismatics

Ongoing Formation of Clergy

Revision of Urdu Catholic Bibles[5]