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Caught TN.jpg
Studio album by Teri DeSario
Released 1980
Genre Disco
Length 34:33
Label Casablanca
Producer Bill Purse, Exec. H.W. Casey
Teri DeSario chronology
Moonlight Madness
A Call to Us All

Caught (Casablanca Records and Filmworks Inc. NBLP-7231 [1]) is the third album from singer, songwriter, producer and composer Teri DeSario.

The 1980 album contains the songs "All I Wanna Do" and "Time After Time".


After achieving some moderate success with her previous album Moonlight Madness, DeSario's label suggested to her that she make a rock album with the cream of L.A. session musicians to rival rising stars like Pat Benatar and Kim Carnes. Since the label was willing to let her keyboardist/songwriter/producer husband handle the project, she readily agreed, and decided to call the album Caught, after the first track on it.[2]

Caught, unfortunately, saw disappointingly low sales, and would not receive the radio airplay of DeSario's previous two efforts. However, at least one rock critic, Kerrang! journalist Paul Suter, thought highly enough of the title track that he selected it for the 'Striktly For Konnoisseurs' compilation he put together a few years later.[2]



Side One[edit]

  • Caught - 4:12
  • Time After Time - 3:44
  • I'm With You Now - 3:48
  • Standin' On the Edge - 5:00

Side Two[edit]

  • Hittin' Below the Belt - 3:40
  • I've Got a Secret - 3:34
  • All I Wanna Do' - 3:19
  • I Hate You - 3:56
  • I Should Have Known Better - 3:20

Additional Album Credits[edit]

Side One[edit]

  1. Teri DeSario, Joey Carbone[3]
  2. Teri DeSario, Joey Carbone, Richie Zito, Bill Purse
  3. Desmond Child
  4. Richie Zito

Side Two[edit]

  1. Mark Aguilar, Bill Purse
  2. Bill Purse
  3. Teri DeSario, Joey Carbone
  4. Tom Keanne, Mike Himelstein
  5. Paul McCartney, John Lennon


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