Centenary State High School

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Centenary State High School
Centenary SHS logo.png
Jindalee, Brisbane, QLD
Coordinates 27°32′14.39″S 152°56′24.39″E / 27.5373306°S 152.9401083°E / -27.5373306; 152.9401083Coordinates: 27°32′14.39″S 152°56′24.39″E / 27.5373306°S 152.9401083°E / -27.5373306; 152.9401083
Type Public, Secondary, Day school
Motto Quality Learning, Quality Futures
Established 1999
Principal John Brew
Enrolment Years 7 to 12
Colour(s) Navy Blue, Red, Yellow & White

Centenary State High School, is a co-curricular, co-educational school that opened in 1999. At that time, it catered for students in Grades 8 to 12. As of 2016, the school's enrolment stood at 1429 students.[1] In January 2015, it opened its doors to students in Grade 7, which are a part of a Junior School, along with Grades 8 and 9 (with Grades 10-12 becoming the Senior School). As well, throughout 2014, the school brought Sixth Graders to the premises, who—along with Seventh Graders— participated in special faculty-based activities. Further, a new building will also be erected, featuring six classrooms, two specialized rooms, a project design area and a staffroom. Located in Jindalee, in Brisbane's western Centenary Suburbs, it had the goal of allowing students to "achieve more than they thought was possible".


The school's name "Centenary" comes from the Centenary suburbs in which it is located. In 1960, a year after the celebrations of the Centenary of Queensland, LJ Hooker announced a that it was to create "a major satellite residential development covering 1,295 hectares and a bridge linking ... the new development with the western suburbs of Brisbane".[2] The area was originally called the Hooker Centenary Development as well as the "Centenary Project",[3] leading to the eventual naming of the area as the "Centenary Suburbs". The suburbs are Jindalee, Mt. Ommaney, Jamboree Heights, Middle Park, Riverhills and Westlake. The hill-side site on which Centenary currently stands was designated as a High School site from as far back as when Jindalee was originally developed, however it remained as sparse bushland until the mid-1990s, when following strong lobbying from local residents the Queensland Government announced that it would be building a secondary school on the site. Centenary was opened in January 1999, initially catering for a limited number of grades, however this was soon expanded to accommodate Grades 8 to 12. The public took well to the new school, and enrolment quickly jumped, largely because students would no longer have to travel to Corinda State High School or Kenmore State High School to complete high school. The school has a limited Student Leader Forum each year where students are selected as President, Student Leader, Mentor, Band Captain, and many more leadership positions. The school has a catchment area limited to the Centenary suburbs and Sinnamon Park.[4]


A map of facilities can be viewed here

House system[edit]

House Colour Nickname
Curragundi Green Army
Jarup Blue Drop Bears
Moolanda Yellow Cows
Yallambee Red Red Devils

The names of each house are derived from the four roads bordering the school:

  • Curragundi Road, running along the northern side of the school.
  • Jarup Street, on the western side.
  • Moolanda Street, on the southern side.
  • Yallambee Road, on the eastern side.



  • Michael (Mick) Mickelburg (1999–2005)
  • Dallas Miller (Acting Principal - June 2005-June 2006)
  • Sallyann Griffith (Deputy Principal, Junior Secretary
  • Richard Morrison (July 2006-July 2008)
  • John Brew (Acting Principal - July 2008-December 2008)
  • John Brew (Principal 2009-)

School Publications[edit]

The school newsletter is entitled Centenary Chronicle and is published monthly. The school yearbook is The Sentinel, and is available in late November to early December each year. In 2009 the school no longer sent out newsletters by post and sent them as emails.


The Centenary Crocodiles emblem.

The nickname for sports teams representing Centenary SHS became Crocodiles in 2002, and has been used since. The mascot was christened Crusha the Croc in 2003 following a competition the previous year. Sports played at Centenary include: Rugby league, Rugby union, Polo, Soccer, Rowing, Volleyball, Fishing, Netball, Curling, Figure skating, Basketball, Australian rules football, Golf, Field Hockey, Freestyle BMX, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Baseball, Synchronised swimming, Marbles, Tennis, Netball, Badminton, Chess, Swimming, Athletics, and Cricket

The arts[edit]

Centenary State High School has a large arts program, which features an annual play held by students who have participated in the performance SCRAM (Extra curricular activities for students years 8-10) The school also has an active stage band, chamber strings as well as encouraging students who volunteer to perform for weekly assemblies. Students who participate in "Back Stage Crew" have been given the opportunity to help set up live performances with pay from the facility which they assisted to set up.


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