CenturyTel of Ohio

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CenturyTel of Ohio, Inc.
Private (Subsidiary of CenturyLink)
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1977
Headquarters Lorain, OH, United States
Products Local Telephone Service
Parent Centel (until 1992)
CenturyTel/CenturyLink (1992-present)
Website http://www.centurylink.com/

CenturyTel of Ohio, Inc. is a telephone operating company owned by CenturyLink that provides local telephone service in Ohio, including Amherst, Lorain, and Vermillion.[1]

The company was established in 1977 as the Lorain Telephone Company. The company was acquired by Centel and changed its corporate name to Central Telephone Company of Ohio. In 1992, the company was sold to Century Telephone and changed its name to Century Telephone of Ohio, Inc.. In 1998, Century Telephone shortened its name to CenturyTel and the Ohio company changed its corporate name to CenturyTel of Ohio, Inc.[2]

The company does business as CenturyLink, a name it adopted in 2009 following the acquisition of Embarq. The acquisition is ironic because Embarq was formerly part of Sprint Nextel as its local telephone division. Sprint acquired Centel in 1993; now, CenturyTel of Ohio is under the same parent as some of the other Centel companies.


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