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Cephas may refer to:


  • Title of Saint Peter. Cephas (in Greek Κηφᾶς, pronounced Kiphas, or in Aramaic, kēpā) means stone. It is the name given to Apostle Peter. As in John 1:42, Jesus says: "You are Simon son of Jona, you shall be called Cephas" (meaning a stone).
  • The Cephas Diocese, bishopric of the Roman Catholic Church (in Latin, Dioecesis Cephasena). It goes back to a defunct episcopal see located in the Roman province of Mesopotamia. The bishopric was assigned to the ecclesiastical province of Amida. In 20th century, a titular seat in the Catholic Church
  • Cephas of Iconium, among the Seventy Disciples of Jesus, bishop of Iconium or Colophon, Pamphylia
  • Moses Bar Cephas also known as Moses Bar-Kepha, (born in Balad in Nineveh, now in Iraq, about the year 813; died at the age of ninety, in 903), Syriac writer and one of the most celebrated bishops of the Syriac Orthodox Church of the ninth century


Cephas or Céphas is also a given name and surname and may refer to:

Given name

Middle name

  • Collen Cephas Gwiyo, Zimbabwean politician and deputy secretary general of the Zimbabwe Congress
  • Edward Cephas John Stevens (1837–1915), New Zealand politician
  • Jasmine Cephas Jones (born 1989), American stage and screen actress
  • Ron Cephas Jones, sometimes credited as Ron C. Jones, American actor of stage, film, and television. He plays the character William Hill, the biological father of Randall Pearson in the TV series This Is Us


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  • Cephas & Wiggins, American acoustic blues duo, composed of the guitarist John Cephas and the harmonica player Phil Wiggins