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Chiaraco, Chiaroco
Lake Titicaca (4094294277).jpg
The Cordillera Real as seen from Lake Titicaca showing Chearoco and Chachacomani
Highest point
Elevation6,127 m (20,102 ft)
Prominence1,144 metres (3,753 ft)
Isolation17.14 kilometres (10.65 mi)
Coordinates15°57′00″S 68°24′56″W / 15.95000°S 68.41556°W / -15.95000; -68.41556Coordinates: 15°57′00″S 68°24′56″W / 15.95000°S 68.41556°W / -15.95000; -68.41556[1]
Parent rangeAndes, Cordillera Real
First ascent1928[2]

Chearoco,[3][4][5] Chiaraco[6] or Chiaroco[7][8] (all possibly from Aymara ch'iyara black, juqhu muddy place)[9] is a mountain in the Cordillera Real in the Andes of Bolivia. It has a height of about 6,127 m (20,102 ft).[10] It is situated in the La Paz Department, Larecaja Province, Guanay Municipality, southeast of the peak of Aman Pata.[7][11] Chearoco lies between Qalsata in the northwest and Chachakumani in the southeast.

The Aymara name of the mountain correlates with the names of the nearby area (Chiar Jokho) and the river Ch'iyar Juqhu (Chiar Jokho, Chiar Joko) which originates near the mountain.

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