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Chalk may refer to:

  • Chalk, a type of sedimentary rock, composed predominantly of calcium carbonate.
  • Chalk mining, the process of extracting chalk from the ground.
  • The Chalk Group, a stratigraphic unit in northwest Europe.
  • The Chalk country, a region of Discworld
  • Blackboard chalk and sidewalk chalk, a material used for writing and art, usually composed of calcium sulfate or calcium carbonate.
  • Chalk (drying agent), magnesium carbonate, used for hands in rock climbing, gymnastics, and weight lifting
  • Chalk, Kent, a village in England
  • Chalk (TV series), a BBC sitcom written by Steven Moffat
  • Chalk (film), 2006 movie
  • Chalk (military), refers to a specific aircraft load
  • Billiard chalk, a silica and corundum compound applied to the tip of a cue
  • French chalk, or talc, magnesium silicate, usually as a powder or in sticks


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